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Various mushrooms in a forest.

Mushrooms are a type of vegetation and wild food which frequently populate temperate, green biomes. They can typically be found by foraging in forests and grassy plains.

All mushrooms fall under the vegetable food category. Every mushroom eaten raw will fill 80 sat. However, certain types of mushrooms are poisonous, and will damage characters when consumed.

Mushrooms can be harvested by breaking them with a hand or knife. Over time, the mushroom will regenerate. Mushrooms cannot be re-planted or farmed.

Types of mushrooms

Mushrooms can grow either on the ground, or on tree bark. There are currently a total of 37 mushrooms in the game.

Ground mushrooms

Image Name Location Nonpoisonous

Mushroom orange oak bolete.png

Orange oak bolete ✔️
Mushroom king bolete.png King bolete ✔️
Mushroom bitter bolete.png Bitter bolete ❌ -3hp
Mushroom devil bolete.png Devil bolete ✔️
Mushroom fly agaric.png Fly agaric ❌ -6,5hp
Mushroom green cracked russula.png Green cracked russula ✔️
Mushroom violent web cap.png Violet web cap ✔️
Mushroom almond.png Almond mushroom ✔️
Mushroom red wine cap.png Red wine cap ✔️
Mushroom paddy straw.png Paddy straw ✔️ (⚠️ Visual resemblance to Death cap)
Mushroom death cap.png Death cap ❌ -50hp
Mushroom earth ball.png Puffball ✔️ (⚠️ Visual resemblance to Earth ball)
Mushroom earth ball.png Earth ball ❌ -8hp
Mushroom chanterelle.png Chanterelle ✔️
Mushroom black trumpet.png Black trumpet ✔️
Mushroom-fieldmushroom.png Field mushroom ✔️
Mushroom gold-drop milkcap.png Gold-drop milkcap ❌ -2,5hp
Mushroom indigo milkcap.png Indigo milkcap ✔️
Mushroom saffron milkcap.png Saffron milkcap ✔️
Mushroom common morel.png Common morel ✔️
Mushroom witchhat.png Witchhat mushroom ✔️
Mushroom lobster.png Lobster ✔️
Mushroom jack o lantern.png Jack'o'lantern mushroom ❌ -6hp
Mushroom devilstooth.png Devilstooth mushroom ❌ -2hp


As opposed to other types of mushrooms which are found in the ground, polypores grow on tree bark.

Image Name Location Nonpoisonous
Mushroom shiitake.png Shiitake ✔️
Mushroom pinkbonnet.png Pink bonnet ✔️
Mushroom liver.png Livermushroom ✔️
Mushroom funeralbell.png Funeral bell ✔️
Mushroom deerear.png Deerear mushroom ✔️
Mushroom reishi.png Reishi ✔️
Mushroom white oyster.png White oyster ✔️
Mushroom pink oyster.png Pink bolete ✔️
Mushroom bearded tooth.png Bearded tooth ✔️
Mushroom chicken of the woods.png Chicken of the woods ✔️
Mushroom tinder hoof.png Tinder hoof ✔️
Mushroom elfin saddle.png Elfin saddle ❌ -7hp

Version history

1.16: Added 34 new types of Mushrooms. Harvesting with knife is optional, regrowth occurs either way.

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