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Grid Carrot.png
Stackable 64
Satiety 100
Category Vegetable
Fresh Time 504 hrs
Transition Time 96 hrs
Transition Ratio 0.5

Carrot is a type of vegetable crop that can be found growing wild in the game.


Carrots can be found growing in the world. Carrot seeds can also be found in cracked vessels, or bought from the agricultural trader.


Carrots can grow in temperatures from -10 - 32°C. They require 8 days to grow, and go through 7 growth stages. Carrots use up 40% K nutrition from their farm plot. When fully mature, crops yield multiple carrots and at least one seed when harvested. Harvesting immature plants yields fewer carrots and may not provide a seed.


Carrots provide 100 vegetable satiety when eaten raw. Carrots count as a vegetable for cooking and can be used in meat stew, vegetable stew, soups and porridges. Carrots benefit from storage in ceramic storage vessels, or in cellars. They can be further preserved through pickling.