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Type Tools
Durability Copper: 450
Tin Bronze: 600
Bismuth Bronze: 750
Black Bronze: 900
Gold: 15
Silver: 187
Iron: 1350
Meteoric Iron: 1800
Steel: 3400
Stackable 1

Scythes are used to harvest multiple plants simultaneously, including tall grass or crops.


  • Smithing (1 ingot): tool head crafted from the metals shown in the table (below).
  • Assembly:

Copper scythe blade



Table: Tool Tiers

Material Durability Material Tier
Gold 15 2
Silver 187 2
Copper 450 2
Tin Bronze 600 3
Bismuth Bronze 750 3
Black Bronze 900 3
Iron 1350 4
Meteoric Iron 1800 4
Steel 3400 5


The scythe harvests 6 plants in a 3 x 3 block area and is the most efficient way to harvest plant resources, including grass and crops when farming. The scythe can also be used to harvest products from animals.


The scythe can be used instead of a knife when butchering animals.

  • Note: The scythe has no mining speed variant. The metal used to create the item affects durability, but has no effect on the rate of harvest.


Scythes can be placed in tool racks.

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