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The clay oven is a functional block used to bake food items such as bread and pies.


The clay oven is made through clay forming. It must be made using fire clay. The oven does not need to be fired in a pit kiln before use. It can be broken without any tools and replaced as needed.


To bake items in the oven, the player will need firewood, appropriate food items such as dough or an uncooked pie, and a firestarter or torch.

  1. Add three to six pieces of firewood to the empty oven. More firewood allows the oven to keep its temperature longer, enabling it to cook more items. Only firewood is currently accepted as fuel.
  2. Ignite the firewood in the oven using a firestarter or a torch and let it completely burn out.
  3. Add the food to be baked to the empty, heated oven. The oven can hold up to four pieces of dough, or a single pie at a time.
  4. Remove the food items as they finish cooking.

As long as there is residual heat in the oven, items within it will continue to cook. Above 200°C items bake at a faster rate. From 160 - 200°C, items will cook more slowly. However, once the temperature drops to "Cold", the oven may need to be reheated. This is done by removing all currently cooking food items from the oven, refilling it with firewood and lighting it again. Once the wood has burnt out, the oven should be hot enough to resume cooking.

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