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Surface Drifter
Normal Drifter.png
Health 12
Base Attack 2.5
Damage Tier 0
Abilities Climb Ladders, Throw Stones
Seek Range 20
Temporal gear 2.6%*
Flax fibers 20%*

Deep Drifter
Deep Drifter.png
Health 16
Base Attack 4
Damage Tier 1
Abilities Climb Ladders, Throw Stones
Seek Range 20
Temporal gear 3.3%*
Rusty gear 2%*
Flax fibers 40%*

Tainted Drifter
Tainted Drifter.png
Health 22
Base Attack 8
Damage Tier 2
Abilities Climb Ladders, Throw Stones
Seek Range 20
Temporal gear 4%*
Rusty gear 5%*
Flax fibers 60%*

Corrupt Drifter
Corrupt Drifter.png
Health 30
Base Attack 12
Damage Tier 3
Abilities Climb Ladders, Throw Stones
Seek Range 20
Temporal gear 4.7%*
Rusty gear 7%*
Flax fibers 80%*

Nightmare Drifter
Nightmare Drifter.png
Health 40
Base Attack 20
Damage Tier 4
Abilities Climb Ladders, Throw Stones
Seek Range 20
Temporal gear 5%*
Rusty gear 10%*
Flax fibers 100%*

Double-Headed Drifter
Health 48
Base Attack 24
Damage Tier 4
Abilities Climb Ladders, Throw Stones
Seek Range 20
Temporal gear 100%*
Rusty gear 500%*
Flax fibers 200%*

Drifters are common humanoid monsters. There are several kinds of drifters that spawn at different depths. As a player goes deeper underground they will find increasingly dangerous drifters, but these drifters are the most likely to drop temporal gears and rusty gears.


All drifters spawn on solid blocks or inside tall grass below light level 8. Each tier is limited in how many can be alive at once, and they may only spawn at certain Y levels. See the table for both of these values.


Attacking the Player

Drifters will wander around (preferring areas with light level 15 or less) until a player comes within 20 blocks of it. When a player enters the range drifters will quickly run to the player. Drifters do not try to avoid obstacles when pursuing a player and will easily fall into pits.

Rock Throwing

If a drifter is within 15 blocks of a player but cannot path to them, they may stop and throw rocks at the player. Rocks deal 1 damage, regardless of the drifter's type, and due to their knockback, may dislodge the player from a ladder or defensive pillar. Drifters can throw rocks over blocks that are too tall to jump over, such as fences and fence gates. The rocks disappear once thrown and cannot be picked up by the player. Drifters often hit themselves or other drifters with thrown rocks if they ricochet off of a surface and can start drifter-vs-drifter fights.

Fleeing in Sunlight

Drifters will flee the player when exposed to sunlight. The amount of sunlight required to make the drifter flee depends on its tier. See the table for the exact values.

Receiving damage

Drifters will on occasion flee upon taking damage. The chance that a drifter will flee decreases with increasing tier. See the table for the exact values.


Beginning in version 1.12, players will need to butcher the monster using a knife in the active hand to obtain drops. Shift click until the butchering process is complete and the GUI opens to allow players to remove temporal gears and flax fibers.


Max quantity is the number of this type of drifter that can be alive at one time. Y value range is a percentage of the world's sea level, values of 0%, 100%, and 200% mean the bottom, the middle or sea level, and very top of the world, respectively. Flee light level is the amount of sunlight that causes the drifter to flee. Flee on damage chance is the chance that a drifter will flee when it is damaged.

Tier Max quantity Y value range Flee light level Flee on damage chance
Surface 14 85% - 200% 0.925 15%
Deep 8 22% - 89% 0.97 7%
Tainted 7 10% - 55% 2 3%
Corrupt 6 0% - 35% 2 1.5%
Nightmare 5 0% - 23% 2 1%
Double-Headed 0 N/A * 2 1%


  • Drifters have two uncommon idle animations one called "cry" in which it curls up and cries, and another called "think" where it looks at its arms and raises them to the sky.
  • According to the story excerpt Ghosts, drifters have a metallic smell.

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