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Every farmland's worst nightmare

Health (Male/Female) 5
Health (Baby) 3


Base Attack (Male/Female) 0
Base Attack (Baby) 0
Satiety to Mate (portions) 10
Gestation Time (days) 20
Redmeat 2*
Raw Hide (Small) 0.5*

Hares are one of the common animals found in the world, and are a source of redmeat and hide.


Hares are mobs that spawn in light levels 8 and higher, at temperatures between -70 and -8, in areas with as little as 0.25 rainfall. They spawn in average groups of 1-4.


Hares seek plants to eat, either dropped vegetables/grain or player grown crops in farmlands (except for pumpkins and onions). If a hare finds a player's farm, it will eat the growing crops whether the plants are ready to harvest or not. If the hare consumes the crop before the plant is mature, it might cost the player seeds, which are not always recovered as a drop. This does not happen with wild crops. Hares always flee from players and other mobs within about 12 blocks, even before receiving damage. It’s important to note that adults can only jump one block, meaning hares can not jump over fences or out of pits 2 blocks deep.

Domestication and Breeding

Unlike other animals, hares cannot be domesticated, but can still be bred, killed, and adults butchered for animal resources. You can trap them in a pen and feed them by throwing edible vegetables or grain at them. A female will need to have eaten 10 portions before it’s satiated and ready to mate. If a male is close by, she will become pregnant for 20 days and give birth to baby hares, which will grow to adulthood after 336 hours (14 days).

Since they can’t be domesticated, hares will not eat from a trough and won’t lose their fear of the player, no matter the generation.


Butcher the animal by right-clicking while crouching with a knife in the active hand to harvest its corpse.

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