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optimized tileable skept & flower arrangement

In Vintage Story there are bees. By using some simple methods, these bees can be cultivated for their products.


Finding Wild Bees

Finding bees can be difficult. They rarely spawn in warm dry climates. Their hive can be in a log or dangling from one. The best way to find them is to turn your sound all the way up and wander around until you find soybeans. Soybeans grow in similar environments that bees spawn in. At that point keep checking the trees in the area. You'll often hear the bees before you see the bees. If you see mushrooms it's too damp for bees so look elsewhere.

Populating a skep

Once you have found bees you'll want to place an empty skep within seven blocks of the bees. Also makes sure there are five flowers also within seven blocks of the wild hive. If you press B for block info it'll tell you the size of the hive and number of flower in range, though it takes some time to find the flowers. The hive must be large before it will divide and populate the skep. This takes awhile, so it's best to go do other stuff while this is going on. Once populated you can pick up the skep by making sure you have an empty bag slot on the bottom right of your screen and then right-click the skep. Don't break the skep unless you want to be attacked by angry bees. When you pick the skep up it'll go into your empty bag slot. Now you can carry it back home. When back home, to place the populated skep, select it by holding down Ctrl and scrolling with your mouse wheel until you have it selected. Once selected right click where you want to place the populated skep. At this point, you'll want to place empty skeps by the populated skep and make sure there are lots of flowers close by. The skeps look in a range of seven and need 5+3x[number of other skeps within range] of flowers to reach a large population. Over time the populated skep with grow in size and divide to populate a nearby empty skep.


As a hive matures, the entrance of the skep will turn from a dull yellow to a bright yellow. If you look at the populated skep at that time you'll see the skep has become harvestable. At this point, if you break the skep it'll drop honeycomb as well as spawn an angry bee swarm. Some techniques to avoid getting stung is to place some dummies near the hives so the bees will attack them. Then quickly pick up the honey and run inside, closing the door behind you. Make sure you do not keep the skeps near any animals you don't want hurt or killed as the bees will attack any nearby living thing.

Honey & Wax & Candles

Once you have honeycomb you can process it into honey and wax. First, take an empty fired bowl or bucket and place it on the ground. Next, while holding the honeycomb, aim your cursor at the empty bowl or bucket and right click. this will fill the bowl/bucket up with honey and give you wax. One honeycomb emptied is the equivalent of .25 liters. The honey, when eaten, restores .5 health. The wax can be crafted into a candle by placing three in a column in the crafting grid. These candles can be placed on top of solid blocks. Up to 9 of these candles can be placed on the same block. Each time you add a candle it increases the light given off. These candles never go out and look quite nice. Another use for candles is in crafting lanterns.

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