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Wood Bucket
Grid Woodbucket.png
Stackable 1 if filled, 4 otherwise

The wooden bucket is a utility item for manipulating liquids as well as for grid crafting and for filling barrels.


The bucket is created using five boards and one twine in the crafting grid.

Oak Board

Oak Board

Flax Twine

Oak Board

Oak Board

Oak Board



The bucket is filled with liquids by

  • equipping the bucket
  • pointing at the liquid source
  • right-clicking to add it to the bucket

The bucket is emptied by

  • equipping the bucket
  • pointing at the target
  • right-clicking to empty the bucket

The bucket can be placed on and picked up from the ground by

  • equipping the bucket
  • pointing at the ground
  • shift and right-clicking to place the bucket
  • pointing at the bucket on the ground
  • right-clicking to pick up the bucket


2021-05-20 watercreate.png

The bucket can be used to collect water from a water source. The water can then be

  • stored in the bucket
  • transferred to another container, for example to barrels to be used in leather working
  • used in crafting, for example to make dough from flour in bread making.

Also infinite water can be created by collecting water in the wooden bucket and placing the water from that bucket using control and right-click.

Examples are shown in the image to the right. The lower single block shows a created water source that can be placed indoors or outdoors as a source of water e.g for panning. The upper water filled trench in the image can be used to create irrigation channels for farming or a moat.

Honey collection

Honey can be collected from honeycomb in a bucket. A bucket holds honey up to a maximum of 40 honeycombs (10 liters).

For more information, see beekeeping

Other liquids

Other liquids such as tannin or brine can be moved between containers using the bucket.

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