Vertical rack

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Vertical rack
Tool mold rack.png
Stackable 64
Material Wood
Drops Itself

Temperature 600°C
Duration 35 s

Vertical racks are stationary containers used to store up to five molds, resonance archives, or shields. They were renamed from "tool mold rack" to "vertical rack" in version 1.17.4.(see [1]).


Vertical racks are created using sticks and boards in the player's crafting grid.











Vertical racks are containers that can be placed on the horizontal or vertical face of any solid block. To interact with the vertical rack, select the block using the display crosshairs. Right mouse button places a mold from the active hotbar slot onto the tool mold rack. Players can remove a mold which adds the mold into the selected hotbar slot, or inventory if there is no room on the hotbar.

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