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Natural Generation

There are many varieties of trees that spawn in the world including acacia, birch, kapok, maple, pine, and oak.


Trees and bamboo are propagated by planting saplings. When placed on any soil, the sapling will take anywhere between 5 and 8 days to grow into a tree or bamboo. When trees/bamboo are harvested, saplings drop rarely. To acquire more saplings, break the leaves manually before cutting the tree/bamboo.

Special Cases

Some tree variants are spawned during world creation such as large kapok, and old kapok. These larger variants of trees cannot be regrown.

Tree Types

Tree Sapling Log Plank
Acacia Acacia Acacia Acacia
Birch Birch Birch Birch
Kapok Kapok Kapok Kapok
Maple Maple Maple Maple
Oak Oak Oak Oak
Pine Pine Pine Pine


Trees are best harvested using an axe. See that page for more detail about using the axe.


When harvested, trees drop logs, sticks, and saplings. Breaking leaves with shears harvests foliage blocks in a 3 X 3 area. Use of this tool provides higher yields of sticks for handles in tool making and saplings for tree propagation.


All wood items can be used as fuel and logs will burn for different lengths of time, depending on the wood type.


Logs can be converted into boards using a saw or firewood using an axe in the crafting grid.

Special Use Drops

Pine: Trees generate resin that can be harvested (right mouse button) and used as an essential component in Wood Lamellar Armor. Pine Trees are currently the only trees that yield this product.

Special Use Logs

Oak: When added to water is used to make tannin, an essential component in leather working. Oak logs are currently the only logs that can be used for this process.


Bamboo is a special subclass of tree. When harvested, bamboo drops bamboo stakes and saplings. Bamboo stakes may be crafted into bamboo planks. Both stakes and blocks can be burned as fuel in a firepit.

Bamboo Stakes Bamboo Plank
Grid Bundle of bamboo stakes.png Bamboo


Logs stack to 16 and can be transported in the player's inventory or stored in stationary containers, but may not be stacked on solid surfaces, (though log products including boards and firewood can be stacked on solid blocks). Saplings and stick stack to 64 and can be transported in the player's inventory or stored in stationary containers. Saplings may also be stored in flower pots or planters for base decoration.

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