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Grid Gravel Granite.png
Stackable 64
Material Gravel
Drops Itself


Natural Generation

Fourteen gravel type variants may exist in the world, and are created during world generation. Different types of gravel are found in different places in the world, but especially near arid regions, deserts and in pockets across the landscape. The appearance (color) of the block indicates the gravel type.

Gravel Types

Gravel types that exist include Andesite, Basalt, Bauxite, Chalk, Chert, Claystone, Conglomerate, Granite, Limestone, Peridotite, Phyllite, Sandstone, Shale and Slate. Each type of gravel appears as a different color and corresponds to the color of the parent stone material. Gravel varies based on the geology of the area or region where it is generated. Six types of gravel (Andesite, Chalk, Claystone, Granite, Sandstone, and Shale.) are shown here at right as an example of the range of appearances that gravel demonstrates.

A gravel type appearing on the surface may indicate the type of stone underground, which is especially helpful if there are no rocky outcroppings or exposed stone in the local area.

Grass Variants

Gravel does not have a grass coverage variant and always appears bare, though tall grass may spawn on gravel blocks.


Gravel blocks may be removed by breaking with your bare hands or using any tool, though a shovel is a faster method to harvest gravel blocks. Gravel blocks stack to 64, and may be carried in player inventory or stored in stationary containers.


Gravel blocks can be used to acquire early game resources using the panning mechanic. Drops from gravel include type-specific small stones, flint, ore nuggets, tool heads and clay. Rare drops from panning also include rusty gears, metal pieces and jewelry items. For more information on panning, see the Panning guide.

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