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Grid CopperShovel.png
Durability Stone: 60-100
Copper: 400
Tin Bronze: 600
Bismuth Bronze: 650
Black Bronze: 700
Gold: 200
Silver: 200
Iron: 1200
Meteoric Iron: 1400
Steel: 3000
Stackable 1

Shovels are used for digging, or harvesting terrain blocks including snow , soil , clay , peat , sand , gravel and charcoal .


The raw material used to create the tool head determines the crafting process required:

  • Knapping : Stone Shovels can be crafted by knapping .
  • Casting (100 units): Copper and Bronze alloy
  • Smithing (1 ingot): Steel, Iron, Bronze alloy, Copper, (Gold and Silver)
  • Assembly:




Table: Tool Tiers

Material Durability Material Tier Mining Speed (Soil/Sand) Mining Speed (Gravel/Snow) Attack Power (HP) Attack Tier
Other Stone 60 1 2.2x 1.9x 0.75 1
Flint 90 1 2.5x 2.1x 1.0 1
Obsidian 100 1 3.0x 2.2x 1.25 1
Copper 400 2 4.0x 2.6x 1.25 2
Tin Bronze 600 3 5.4x 3.6x 1.75 3
Bismuth Bronze 650 3 5.5x 3.2x 1.5 3
Black Bronze 700 3 5.5x 3.7x 2.0 3
Iron 1200 4 6.0x 4.0x 2.25 4
Meteoric Iron 1400 4 6.5x 4.2x 2.35 4
Steel 3000 5 7.0x 4.4x 2.5 5
Gold 200 2 5.4x 3.6x 1.5 2
Silver 200 2 5.4x 3.6x 1.5 2

* Note: Clay and Peat are included under the category "Mining Speed, Soil" for the purposes of this table.


The shovel is the primary tool used in harvesting terrain blocks for raw material or other resources. Pressing the left mouse button "breaks" the soil or other selected block.


Shovels are used to harvest terrain blocks including snow and soil and resource materials. When blocks are broken, soil , gravel sand blocks or resources such as clay , peat bricks or charcoal from a charcoal pit will be dropped for players to collect. Shovels are also the most efficient tool for harvesting saltpeter .


Attacking a mob (melee combat): place the tool in an active hotbar slot and press or hold left mouse button to strike the target.


You can sell the shovels you craft to Treasure Hunter Traders . They purchase sometimes:

  • Tin-bronze shovel: for an average price of 4 rusty gears .
  • Bismuth-bronze shovel : for an average price of 5 rusty gears .
  • Black bronze shovel : for an average price of 6 rusty gears .


Shovels can be placed against a wall, stored in containers and placed on tool racks .

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