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Blue clay in soil
Rawclay blue.png
Stackable 64
Material Soil
Drops 4-5 Blue clay

Fire clay in soil
Rawclay fire.png
Stackable 64
Material Soil
Drops 4-5 Fire clay


Natural Generation

Clay is a terrain block variant created during world generation. Both blue clay and fire clay are found in the same climate. Blue clay is more common than fire clay but fire clay has slightly larger deposits.

Parameter Min. value Max. value
Temperature 3 40
Rainfall 0.27 1

Clay Types

There are two type of clay blocks: Blue clay (appears pale blue) and Fire clay (appears pale pink/beige). Players can find deposits of clay scattered throughout temperate zones in the world.

Grass Variants

Clay blocks have grass coverage variants and may appear as "bare clay" with a surface colored according to the clay type (no grass), or a green top surface, aka "grass block". Depending on climactic conditions, grass coverage appears sparse (patchy green) on clay blocks. Tall grass may also grow/spawn on "grass" blocks.


Clay blocks may be removed by breaking with an empty hand or using any tool, though a shovel is a faster method to harvest clay blocks. When broken, clay blocks drop 1-3 units of clay, which stack to 64 and may be carried in player inventory, or stored in stationary containers. Clay blocks may NOT be harvested intact and replaced elsewhere.


Blue Clay

Blue clay can be used to form clay bricks or hardened clay blocks. Blue clay is primarily used to form pottery items and molds in conjunction with the clay forming mechanic. For more information on creating pottery items, see the clay forming guide.

Fire Clay

Fire clay may be substituted for Blue clay in any of the uses named above, but only bricks made of fire clay (fire bricks) can be used to create the bloomery.