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Health gauges the amount of damage a player can receive before dying. Health is measured in Health Points, which are represented by the red bar above the left side of the hotbar. Each visual subdivision in the bar reflects 1 Health point.

The base amount of Health Points for a player is 15. Upon creation, new characters begin with this value. Players can increase their characters' maximal Health Points through consuming nutrition. The maximum amount of health a character can have is 27,5.

Receiving damage decreases Health Points. Reaching 0 Health Points results in death. Health Points can be recovered through the use of healing items and natural regeneration.

Taking damage

Taking damage smaller.gif

Damage can occur from various environmental sources, such as mobs, falling, and other characters. Upon taking damage, the screen shakes, and the player character cries out. If there is a great amount of health lost, a bloody overlay briefly appears on-screen.

Hostile creatures typically deal damage by touching the player character. Taking damage can cause slight or major knockback, which can launch the player character in the direction facing away from the damage source.

Fall damage is inflicted upon a character when falling more than 5 blocks onto a solid surface. A fall from an extreme height can kill a character.

Preventing damage

Main article: Armor

Losing health can be lessened, or even negated, by wearing protective armor. All armor will absorb a percentage of incoming damage, increasing with the armor's tier and strength of materials. Additionally, higher tiers of armor offer a flat reduction rate, which is deducted from damage inbound toward the character wearing it.


Main article: Poultice

Lost Health Points can be regained through the use of healing items, and through natural regeneration.

Player characters will naturally regenerate lost Health Points at a slow rate.

However, many situations may require a quicker regeneration of Health. Various consumable items can instantly heal player characters.

Healing Item HP Gain

Fruit-saguaro.png Saguaro fruit

+1 hp
Poultice-reed-horsetail.png Horsetail Poultice (from reeds) +2 hp
Poultice-linen-horsetail.png Horsetail Poultice (from linen) +4 hp
Poultice-reed-honey-sulfur.png Honey-sulfur poultice (from reeds) +4 hp
Poultice-linen-honey-sulfur.png Honey-sulfur poultice (from linen) +7 hp
Bandage-alcoholed.png Alcohol-soaked bandage +7 hp

Increasing maximal Health

Main article: Satiety

A health bar with the max of 27,5 hp

When filled, each of a characters' five nutritional categories will increase their maximal amount of Health Points by a value of 2.5. Eating a mixed diet will yield a significant increase in max hp, and tangibly increase the likelihood of surviving all sources of danger.