Pit kiln

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The various fill stages of a pit kiln for 4 cooking pots.
The final two stages of a Storage Vessels Kiln setup. Note the top layer is above ground.

Pit Kilns are the only current method of firing clay items as the firepit no longer serves this function. They are created by digging a 1 block deep hole and placing the raw pottery item(s) in the bottom. You then fill the kiln with dried grass, sticks and some form of top-fuel (firewood, peat, charcoal, coal, etc..).

Each finished kiln requires:

  • An unfired piece of pottery.
  • 10 dried grass: 5 layers of dried grass (2 grass per layer).
  • 8 sticks: 2 layers of sticks (4 sticks per layer).
  • 4-8 pieces of top-fuel (Some of the larger items such as Storage Vessels require 2 layers of top fuel to fully cover.).

Once fueled they must be ignited with a torch or firestarter.


Pit Kilns must be protected from rain or other water sources when lit to prevent the fire from going out. Pit Kilns can start fires in the vicinity of the kiln so do not build too close to wooden structures or dried grass.

Fuel Efficiency

The following table breaks down length of firing time from igniting the kiln to the finished product being available for pick-up.
NOTE: fuel duration does not apply to Kilns, Bloomery, or other similar items, once fueled they run until complete unless extinguished.

Fuel Type Time to Fire
Grid Firewood.png Firewood 40 Min
Peatbrick.png Peat Brick 32 Min
Grid Lignite.png Brown Coal 28 Min
Grid Bituminous coal.png Black Coal 24 Min
Charcoal.png Charcoal 20 Min
Coke.png Coke 20 Min