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Stackable 64
Material Stone
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Players can create four versions of plaster blocks. All plaster blocks begin by crafting plain plaster blocks. Plain blocks are modified by adding boards to craft the other three types.


Plaster blocks require sand, a firepit, and chalk or limestone small stones to create. Boards are an optional component.

  • Block Shapes: Only Full Blocks may be created. There are no plaster Slabs (half-block), or Stairs.
  • Material Variant: Any sand variant can be used to craft these blocks. The small stones must be chalk or lime.
  • Appearance: The placement of boards in the last crafting stage affects the appearance of the block, but any board type may be used to craft.

Crafting Lime

To make plaster, locate chalk or limestone small stones and mine the rock or collect small stones. Either small stones can be placed below a hammer in a crafting grid to produce Lime powder, or ground using a quern.

Copper hammer

Chalk stone


Crafting Quicklime

Convert the lime into quicklime by cooking the lime powder using a firepit. Each quicklime requires two lime powder.

Crafting Plain Plaster

To assemble plaster blocks, combine the quicklime and sand in the crafting grid as shown below.


Granite sand

Plain plaster

Crafting Plaster Variants

Arranging any type of boards around the plaster block creates three alternative versions of blocks with logs in different patterns. Place boards and plain plaster in the crafting grid as shown below.

Oak Board

Plain plaster

Oak Board

Straight logs plaster

Oak Board

Oak Board

Plain plaster

Oak Board

Oak Board

Square logs plaster

Oak Board

Plain plaster

Oak Board

Diagonal logs plaster


Building Component

Plaster Blocks are primarily used to create player structures.

  • Special: When placed, the diagonal and straight plaster blocks present different faces in different directions. The block facing is dependent on the direction that a player faces when placing the block.

Block Types

Plain Straight Logs Square Logs Diagonal Logs
Plain Straight Square Diagonal
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