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Example of knapping

Knapping is one of the first types of crafting you'll do in the game. Collect two stones of granite, andesite, basalt, obsidian, or flint and select them in your hotbar. Hold left shift to sneak and while sneaking right click on a solid block. If you do this with flint it'll immediately open a small dialog. If done with non-flint it'll place the rock on the ground. Continue to hold shift and right click on the rock you just placed to open up the dialog box. From there you can select the type of tool head you'd like to make.

Different rock types have different tool heads that can be made from them. Once the tool head type has been selected, use the second rock of the same type that you collected to chip away all voxels marked in orange. Don't worry about making mistakes, the game prevents you from breaking the parts you need. If another player has the same type of stone selected they can work on the piece at the same time as you, helping to get it done faster.


With non-flint you can make an axe, shovel, knife, spear. With flint, you can make everything you can with stone with the addition of arrowheads. Tool heads made of flint tend to last longer than their non-flint counterparts.

Video Tutorial

Here is a "Knapping Tutorial" by SmileOnSpeedDial

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