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Seraph kapping

Time to make your first tools! Knapping is one of the earliest types of crafting available to the player, which allows them to make primitive tools and weapons out of stone.

Acquiring Stones

Loose stones, flint and obsidian can be found on the ground when foraging. You can collect them by using the Left-Mouse-Button.
By order of resulting tool strength, the best stones for knapping are: Obsidian > Flint > All other stone types.

Knappable stones

Only certain materials can be used to craft tool and weapon heads:

Image Material Description
LooseStones.png Stone The most common material, though only certain types of stones can be used: granite, andesite, chert, basalt and peridotite. Other stone types can be too soft to knap, such as; chalk, conglomerate, limestone, claystone, sandstone, shale, phyllite, slate, kimberlite, scoria, tuff, bauxite, halite, suevite, and marble.
LooseFlint.png Flint A little bit less common. Found commonly alongside other loose stones or on their own. Slightly better material to make tool heads from and, unlike stones, can be used to make arrow heads.
LooseObsidian.png Obsidian Most commonly found in areas where the top layer of rock is basalt. It's the best non-metal material for tools.

Shaping Stones

Knapping Surface.
  • To start knapping, you need at least 2 of the same knappable material (flint, granite, andesite, chert, basalt, peridotite or obsidian) and, while holding them, Sneak + Right-Click on the ground. If you’re using flint, you will begin knapping right away. With other stones, you have to place one stone one the ground first and press Right-Click on it with the second one in your hand.
  • After doing this, a dialog box will show up, letting you choose what tool head you want to make by clicking on it.
  • Once you've selected a tool, a 10x10 flat grid of voxels will appear on the ground, some of them highlighted with an orange outline. While holding another stone of the same or any material, knap away voxels either by holding down or clicking at your own pace, until no highlighted voxel remains. You can break away groups of voxels by disconnecting them from the main work piece.Consider sitting down using G to get closer to the crafting surface. If you find the free camera distracting while knapping, you can open any dialog box (such as the chat) or hold down Alt to unlock the free mouse.
  • Once you're done you will receive your tool head.
Dialoge box that allows you to select a tool head.
* The stone used to remove voxels doesn't need to be of the same or even a knappable material (e.g. sandstone, conglomerate, etc.).
* Don't worry about making mistakes, the game prevents players from breaking the parts required to shape the tool. 
* In multiplayer, if another player has knapping stones, they can also work on the piece to complete the tool head faster. When the tool head is completed, it will jump into the inventory of the player who removes the last voxel.
Tool head on grid.

Finishing the Tool

Once you're done and received your tool head, place it into the crafting grid in your inventory (E) with a stick or bone to receive your finished tool. With flint, players can make an axe, hoe, knife, shovel, spear and arrowheads. With any other stone, players can make all of the tools listed above except arrowheads. Tool heads made of flint or obsidian tend to last longer than counterparts made of andesite, basalt, chert, granite, or peridotite; and tools with a bone handle tend to have 10 points of extra durability

Video Tutorial: How to Knap Stone Tools

Thanks to SmileOnSpeedDial for creating and sharing with the VS community!

Vanilla Game Content
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Tools & Weapons

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