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Your classic 3x3 grid crafting system. It is accessible through your inventory so there is currently no need of a crafting table.

The developers of the game would ultimately like to get rid of this system and replace it with more immersive in-world crafting systems.

Important Notice

As of version 1.8 all grid crafting recipes can be looked up in game using the survival handbook. (mapped to keyboard key 'H' by default)


Both methods will give you tool heads that you need to combine with a stick


  • The flint spear is made through knapping.
  • The wooden club requires you to craft a knife first
  • Metal weapons are made through tool casting or smithing

Clay Item Molds

Are made via the clay forming interface. The cost of the items are as follows:

Amount of clay needed per mold
mold or item # clay
Anvil 28
Planter 18
Prospecting Pick 13
Pick, Sword, Hammer, Hoe 12
Axe, Shovel 11
Flower pot 5
Clay (cooking) pot 4
Crucible 3
Ingot Mold 2
Bowl 1

Stationary Containers

  • The basket has 8 slots
  • the chest has 16
  • the tool rack has space for 4 tools

The labelled chest may be written on using certain coloured stones, or with charcoal.

Portable Containers

NOTE: When you throw out a container carried in one of the four container slots, it will take any items it had in it, with it. It can be best to empty your inventory before throwing containers out. The mining bag can only be used for carrying ores, minerals, and stones

See the Containers page for more information.

Light Sources

Basic torches are crafted by burning sticks on a fire, but they only last for a limited time. Other light sources are permanent.

Utility Blocks/Items

Note that breaking the bloomery blocks returns 2/3 as many bricks as they cost to craft.

Stone & Clay

Whole rock blocks are mined by removing all adjacent blocks touching their 6 faces.


Wood can be sawed into stairs or slabs by placing the saw in the crafting grid in a different direction around the wood block (see handbook)


Beds allow you to skip forward a number of hours (depending on the bed) in Single Player mode

Decorative Blocks

Food / Resources

Note: Ore Bombs have a 90% chance of dropping the ore contained in an ore block, whereas the remaining 10% are lost.

Historic Recipes

These Recipes are included for historic reasons only!

They may be wrong or outdated and are superseded by the Handbook (H key in game)

Vintage Story: Vanilla Game Content
Terrain blocks Grid Gravel Granite.pngGravel Grid Granite sand.pngSand Grid Barren low fertility soil.pngSoil Grid Granite cobblestone.pngRock
Metal Working Copper Anvil.pngAnvil Crucible.pngCrucible Forge.pngForge Ingot Mold Burned.pngIngot Mold
Decorational Grid Painting.pngPaintings Grid Diagonal logs plaster.pngPlaster
Functional Firepit lit.pngFirepit Grid Ore blasting bomb.pngOre blasting bomb Grid Loot Vessel.pngLoot Vessels Grid Chest.pngContainers Grid Quern granite.pngQuern
Tools & Weapons Grid CopperAxe.pngAxe Grid Copper hammer.pngHammer Grid Copper hoe.pngHoe Grid Copper knife.pngKnife Grid Copper pickaxe.pngPickaxe Grid Copper prospecting pick.pngProspecting Pick Grid CopperSaw.pngSaw Grid Copper scythe.pngScythe Grid Copper shears.pngShears Grid Copper shovel.pngShovel Grid Bow.pngBow Grid Copper spear.pngSpear Grid Copper sword.pngSword Grid Wooden club.pngClub
Resources Grid Firewood.pngFirewood Grid Charcoal.pngCharcoal
Plants Grid Cattails.pngCattail Flax.pngFlax Onion.pngOnion Parsnip.pngParsnip Rice.pngRice Rye.pngRye Soybean.pngSoybean Spelt.pngSpelt Turnip.pngTurnip Flower-californiapoppy.pngFlowers Grid Sapling (Oak).pngTrees Berrybush red currant ripe.pngBerries
Mobs Bighorn.pngBighorn sheep Rooster.pngChicken Drifter.pngDrifter Locust.pngLocust Pig.pngWild Pig Wolf.pngWolf Hyena.pngHyena
Grid Lore Scroll.pngStarter Guide Grid Lore Book.pngCrafting Recipes Grid Charcoal.pngFuel Grid Copper hoe.pngAgriculture Grid Copper pickaxe.pngMining Grid Copper Ingot.pngMetal Grid Empty skep.pngBeekeeping Grid Ruins.pngRuins Grid Copper sword.pngCombat Grid Anvil copper.pngSmithing Grid Blue clay.pngClay Forming Heat Torch.pngLight sources