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A land claim in the making

Vintage Story comes with a land claiming system that lets players protect their valuable resources and structures. Introduced in version 1.6 it is as of to date unfortunately only available through typing a sequence of commands as documented on the List of multiplayer commands.

It works by creating a new claim, adding one ore more cuboidal areas to the claim and then saving it. The owner may also grant use or build access to other players. Be aware though that there are limits on how much land you can claim. By default it is 4 chunks and up to 3 non-adjacent areas, but these values may greatly value from server to server. You can use the command /mystats to see how much land you can claim.

Step by step

  1. Create a new claim with /land claim new. This also marks the start position for your first area.
  2. Set the start and end position with /land claim start and /land claim end. These mark the corner points of a cuboid that will be claimed. Once start and end is defined, a yellow cuboid will show up, previewing what you marked. You can fine tune the selection area with the direction specific commands /land claim g[n/e/s/w/u/d]. For example if you want the claim to be a block taller, use /land claim gu.
  3. Add your currently selected area to the claim via /land claim add. The preview will now turn green to indicated that it is now part of the claim. You can now add another area by selecting another start/end position, but it must be adjacent to any added one.
  4. If you are done adding areas, save your claim with /land claim save [name]

Granting access to other players

Let's say you want to give your friend called Joe full access to one of your existing claims.

  1. Have a look at your claims via /land claim list. You see that index number in every line? This is your claim index.
  2. Load your claim with that index: /land claim load [index]
  3. Grant access: /land claim grant Joe all
  4. Save claim again and enjoy! /land claim save

Default limitations

These are server specific, but you can look up your limits with the command /mystats

  • An area must be 6x6x6 blocks or larger
  • The total claim size may not be more than 3 whole 32x32x32 chunks
  • May make more than 3 claims