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There are several kinds of items that can be found in the game that have their own uses, but on top of that could also be gathered as collectibles.


Shells can be found on beaches around the world and can be used as an emergency supply for lime. One shell can be turned into 2 lime in the quern, but they will not respawn, which makes them a limited and unreliable supply. Shells come in six different colours and seven different forms, meaning there is a total of 42 different types of shells.

Possible colours: Plain, Latte, Cinnamon, Dark purple, Seafoam, Turquoise
Possible forms: Scallop, Sundial, Turritella, Clam, Conch, Seastar, Volute


Crystals are quartz formations growing outside of their ore blocks. The player can sometimes encounter Crystal caves, where quartz veins can be seen on the walls and crystals grow out of them. Quartz Crystals can generate in four different colours and three different sizes, however there are different variants for each size, for a total of 35 different types of crystals.

Possible colours: Milky, Rose, Smoky, Amethyst, Olivine
Possible sizes: Large (Variant 1 & 2), Cluster (Variant 1 & 2), Small (Variant 1, 2 & 3)

Crystallized Ore

All Ores except Quartz and Olivine can potentially drop as their crystallized versions instead of the normal chunks when mined. The crystallized chunks of ore can be used in the same way, and will give the same amount of nuggets when crushed. There are a total of 16 different ores that can drop crystallized chunks, and those can spawn in 15 different types of stone. Please note that crystallized ores follow the same patterns as normal ores, meaning that not all ore types will spawn in all stone types. Additionally, some of the ores are still without any use or might not even be minable yet, making it next to impossible to obtain some of them. Taking into consideration all possible ore-stone combinations and the different sizes in which ores can spawn, there is a total of 398 different types of crystallized ore chunks.

Possible ores: Copper, Gold, Cassiterite, Chromite, Ilmenite, Sphalerite, Silver, Bismuthinite, Magnetite, Pentlandite, Uranium, Galena, Rhodochrosite, Limonite, Hematite, Malachite
Possible stones: Andesite, Chalk, Chert, Conglomerate, Limestone, Claystone, Granite, Sandstone, Shale, Basalt, Peridotite, Phyllite, Slate, Kimberlite, Marble (white, pink, green)
Possible sizes: Poor, Medium, Rich, Bountiful


There are a total of three different kinds of gemstones, namely diamond, emerald and peridot. They can very rarely drop while mining certain stone types, and can otherwise be bought from Treasure Hunter Traders.


Tapestries can be found in underground ruins, and only the undamaged ones provide lore texts and can be harvested for an item that the player can then place like a picture. Most tapestries span more than one block, and it might take a few ruins until the player can assemble the complete tapestry from several parts. There are a total of 8 different tapestries in the game so far.


There are a total of six different paintings in the game, which can be found in underground ruins or bought from Furniture and Treasure Hunter Traders. They can be hung on the wall as decoration, similar to tapestries.


Flowerpots, Planters and Storage Vessels come in many different colours and patterns. The player is for now unable to produce these decorated ceramics themselves, however they can be acquired from Artisan Traders. Apart from the normal fired versions the player can craft, there are 11 different kinds of Planters, 10 different kinds of flowerpots and 17 different storage vessels, for a total of 38 different kinds of colourful ceramics.

Possible Planter colours: Amber, Ashforest, Copper, Chthonic, Earthern, Loam, Ochre, Rime, Seasalt, Tenmoku, Undergrowth
Possible Flowerpot colours: Amber, Bone Ash, Celadon, Copper, Earthern, Moss, Ochre, Rutile, Seasalt, Tenmoku
Possible Vessel colours: Ashforest, Chthonic, Copper, Earthern, Rain, Cowrie, Rime, Oxblood, Loam, Undergrowth, Beehive, Harvest, Honeydew, Rutile, Seasalt, Springflowers, Volcanic

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