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Natural Generation

There are two varieties of reeds that spawn in the world: Cooper's Reed and Papyrus. Cooper's reed, or Cattails (not to be confused with the item "cattail") are a very important early game resource.


Cooper's reeds are propagated by transplanting cattail or papyrus roots on a terrain block near a water source. When planted on soil or muddy gravel block using Shift + right mouse button, the root will generate a plant. The plant will regrow cattail tops over time. It should be noted that farming Cooper's reeds will not provide additional roots to increase the number of plants available, but all roots must be harvested from existing plants.

Types of Reeds

Name Plant Top Root
Cooper's Reed Cooper Reed.png Grid Cattail tops.png Grid Cattail Root.png
Papyrus Papyrus.png Papyrustops.png Papyrusroot.png


Cooper's Reeds have two drops cattail tops and cattail or papyrus roots. To harvest the reeds, players can break plants with an empty hand, although this destroys the roots. Using a knife allows players to harvest the top of the plant and preserve the roots. Using a knife on a plant after harvesting the tops will harvest the cattail root.


Grid Cattail tops.png Catttail tops can be used to craft hand baskets or hunter's backpacks to increase player inventory, as well as containers that can be placed and used as item storage. Cattail tops are also used to craft rope which can be sold to traders, poultices for healing, and skeps.

Grid Cattail Root.png Cattail roots can be cooked and eaten to restore player satiation, and are useful early game foods. These cannot be added to more advanced meals.