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[[:Special:MyLanguage/{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]][[:{{{1}}}| ]]

Copied from MediaWiki.

This template is intended for use on translatable pages. It adds a link that points to a translated page in the language that is the same as the language of the current page. If a translated page doesn't exist, it points to the page in the source language.

It is different from Template:Localized link {{Ll}}, which links to a page in the language defined in the user's preferences using Special:MyLanguage.


{{Pll|target page|text}}


This function takes three parameters:

  • Target page (1). This is required. This is the target page, without language suffix.
  • Text (2). This is suggested, but not required. Optional text to show. If not given, the link target will be shown.
  • nsp (nsp). This is optional. If “nsp” parameter is not defined, as link text displays the full pagename (including namespace); otherwise — if “nsp” parameter is defined by any value — link text displays the short pagename, without namespace.