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The Worldmap is a fairly recent feature added in Version 1.6 and does not yet support all the features one would be used to from other ingame mapping tools.

  • Use the F6 key to toggle the HUD Version - which is the small version thats sticking on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Use the M key to toggle large version - which will prevent you from interacting with the world while enabled


To add small waypoints to the map you currently have to use commands. Hit 'T' to open the chat box, then type one of the following:

  • /waypoint add [waypointcolor] [title] Adds a waypoint with given color and text. The color may be any named .NET Color or a Hex Code
  • /waypoint list Shows you a list of all your waypoints
  • /waypoint remove [num] Removes a waypoint (num as shown in /waypoint list)