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This page was created to provide a complete list of foods that can be gathered from wild sources and propagated by players, as well as those foods that can be acquired but not farmed or raised.

Gathering Foraged Food

Different plants are generated in different climactic regions including wild crops, berry bushes, cactus, and mushrooms.

Plant Foods that can be Farmed

Foods that can be farmed include: Carrots, Flax, Onions, Turnips, Parsnips, Rice, Rye, Spelt and Soybeans. See farming for more information on growing these crops.

Wild Crops

Crop-flax.png Wild crops are the source of player's seeds to begin farming and can be harvested using left mouse button with an empty hand. Harvesting mature plants is guaranteed to provide seeds and edibles including beans, grains and root vegetables. A crop that is not mature won't provide as many edibles, and may not drop seeds.

Berry Farms

Berrybush red currant ripe.png Berry bushes grow in temperate and colder climates. Ripe berry bushes can be harvested using right mouse button to collect berries. Using the left mouse button allows players to collect the bushes. Berry bushes cannot be propagated or divided, individual bushes must be collected.

Fruits and Vegetables that cannot be Farmed

These foods can be collected by harvesting wild plants, but not grown by players


Grid mushroom bolete.png Mushrooms are naturally generated in colder, wetter climactic regions. Breaking the block using left mouse button with an empty hand allows players to collect the mushrooms, but the tops will not regrow. Mushrooms can be selectively harvested using left mouse button and a knife to collect only the tops. Over time, the tops will regenerate.


Fruit saguaro.png Saguaro or cactus fruit are naturally generated in arid or desert climactic regions. Breaking the cactus block using left mouse button with an empty hand allows players to collect the fruits, but the tops will not regrow. Fruits can be selectively harvested using left mouse button and a knife. Over time, the fruit will regenerate.

Hunting Wild Animals

Any animal can be killed and butchered for meat, fat, hides and bones. Press shift and hold right mouse button with a knife or scythe in the active hand to harvest animal products. When the butchering process is complete, a small window will open to allow players to collect all the animal resources.

Animals that can be Domesticated

Animals that can be domesticated include the bighorn sheep, wild pig and chicken. See Animal Husbandry for more information.

Animals that cannot be Domesticated

Animals that cannot be domesticated include: Wolves, Foxes, Hyenas and Hares.

Bush Meat

Bushmeat-raw.png Bush Meat is harvested from Wolves, Foxes, and Hyenas. It cannot be used in meal recipes, but can be eaten after cooking over a firepit.

Redmeat-raw.png Red Meat can be harvested from Hares, Bighorn sheep, Wild Pig.