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Info and Guidelines

This page is designed to help wiki contributors know what needs to be done on the wiki. As these pages become complete, make sure to remove them from this page. If you need help first google, the help pages on wikipedia are very informative, and last ask in the discord #wiki channel.

If you see something like "Trees -> Acacia" It means that the section Acacia needs to be added to the trees page.

If you see "Crafting Recipes -> recipe:hay" It means the recipe for hay need to be added to the crafting recipes page.

Some items will be listed with a "-" and that means that item needs to be done in the most general of sense.

Specific pages that need to be done will look like this.

Some guidelines when making and editing pages.

  • Avoid redundant information
  • Avoid giving a history lesson
  • Articles must contain enough information to warrant a full page. If they do not have enough content, they should be merged with other similar articles. For example, there is no page on the minecraft wiki for Birch planks. All planks are in a combined article.
  • Don't write stuff about things that are not in the game yet.
  • No advertising, fan community pages, joke pages, etc.
  • Stick with American English or how it's spelled in-game for example use Axe over Ax.
  • In-game items, structures, mobs, etc should not be treated as common nouns and not capitalized.
  • Date formatting should be "Month DD, YYYY"
  • When making item/block specific pages, use the in-game name for the for the page name. For example a page for shale stone should be "Shale stone"
  • When uploading icons for grid recipes it should be "Grid [in-game name in proper english]" so shale stone would be "Grid Shale stone".

Stuff that needs to be worked on

Game content

Files needed

  • Gemstone needs pictures of normal (not clear) quartz & olivine bits

Existing Pages need Reworking

  • MainPage -> Survival -> Blocks,Items,Guides
  • Water needs filling out, or merge with World Generation?
  • World Generation page needs more detail.
  • category usage
  • Foraging - What's important to have in your toolbar when first starting out. Stressing survival and progression. For instance, clay is not important to carry on you.
  • Clothes (stub page rn)
  • Armor - last edit November 2020
  • Various pages on specific blocks and items - or at least add more redirects
    • Different tool types/tiers
    • wood Items (for instance bucket)
    • add individual Ore pages (even if currently unused) from the Ore Deposits page
  • Soil - add information how to find high fertility soil
  • move chat keybinds and group stuff into its own page.
  • temporal stability & temporal gears include as info in survival guide
  • Templates
    • Better crafting grid template
    • Clayforming
  • Bees/Beekeeping - last update July 2020
  • Fertilizer information on the Farming Page needs fleshing out (which one does what, when is it actually needed, etc.)
  • Navbox decorative item may need addition (need assets)
  • No info about corrupted locust (need assets)
  • Info about red brick missing in Ceramic_Blocks
  • windmill may need assets & redirect to Mechanical Power. additional info about the big gear?
  • flesh out page for making & using mortar - or add more redirects?
  • make clearer how alloys are mixed and cast (apparently there are misunderstandings?)
  • more info on how claiming works, and what issues it has (like doors being still passable, and armour stands not being save)
  • info on best sapling getting praxis: axe reduces chances for drop, shears & hands have same droprate (but shears are faster)
  • add info to first day guide about world customization, so people know they can make the game "easier" in the beginning
  • Glass needs the new glass colours added
  • Ceramic Blocks need mention of red & brown brick from traders
  • add steel & meteoric iron variants to all tool, weapon, ingots etc lists
  • add new plants & flowers to the pages

New Pages

  • Health (what drains health, what recovers health)
  • Building_Blocks - wants a list of options available at each tech tier
  • page about survival strategies in challenge worlds? like rabbit traps, panning, etc?

New Content due to Update

  • New Monsters (Bell and Sawblade)
  • New blocks: lichen/moss covered
  • scrap weapons - great video from Ashantin to attach here