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Writing a wiki is hard! But it is easier when more people work together. This page outlines various guidelines to help collaboration. If you need access to edit, go to the #wiki-and-translations Discord channel

This is only a guideline, it is a living standard and may be changed as we grow as a community, and it's not strictly required. All rules can be broken and this is no exception.

Content page formats

Content pages should follow a general format so we can make sure the right info is on the page. Different topics have different formats, but each format isn't set in stone.



Content should...

  • not be redundant, if you need to include info on two pages, (Ex: item page and the item's source's page) include links connecting the two pages. The text on each page should include a brief summary of the relevant info.
  • be grouped on pages generally following the asset's variants, for example, all the plank types should be on one page because they don't really have much individual content.
  • fit with American English spellings, 'color' over 'colour', and formattings, 'MM/DD/YY' not 'DD/MM/YY'.
  • avoid referring to the reader directly, instead refer to a player.

Wikipedia's MOS is useful.


This applies to section titles as well as page titles. Titles should...

  • reflect the name of the item in the game's assets, for example: 'Ore blasting bomb' not 'Bomb'.
  • be complete noun or verb phrases, for example: 'Tool Strength Chart' not 'Chart: Tool Strength'.

Infobox usage

Try to use infoboxes wherever possible. See Category:Infoboxes for a list of all infoboxes. Also, try to use Category:ControlsTemplates when describing the actual controls of the game, for example: 'Using a chisel...' not 'Using (right mouse button) a chisel...'.


The info needed about items is pretty standard. Be sure to include:

  • How a player gets the item: Obtaining.
  • What the player does with it: Usage.

Obtaining should detail the source:

  • Crafting
    • Grid
    • Knapping
    • Barrel
    • Clay forming
    • Smelting and Casting
    • Smithing
  • Foraging, Gathering or Harvesting
  • Mining
  • Adventuring (encompasses ruins loot, mob drops, etc.)

Usage should detail any use the item has:

  • Crafting
  • Smelting
  • Tool

Info that doesn't fall into one of these categories should be placed directly under the Usage heading before any other info. When an item like a chisel or hammer is used in a grid recipe it should go under the Tool category.


Infoboxes are very useful as quick reference tools. Try to use them as often as possible as they make a page feel a lot more complete :). For help using them, see the tutorial.

Page Deletion

Information about page deletion can be found here: Category:Deletion_candidates

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