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Welcome to Vintage Story Wiki Latest Update

Vintage Story is an uncompromising wilderness survival sandbox game inspired by lovecraftian horror themes. Find yourself in a ruined world reclaimed by nature and permeated by unnerving temporal disturbances. Relive the advent of human civilization, or take your own path. It is currently under development and available for purchase as an early access title.

Any contribution is welcomed, as much is left to be added. If you do wish to contribute, please request wiki edit access on the forums, or the official Discord server.

We currently have 458 articles. If you're a modder looking for source code to examine feel free to head over to the Vintage Story GitHub.


Homesteading Update

Balance and stability patch #6 (v1.15.7)

  • The environment dialog (opened via C) now displays "rift activity". It is an indicator of the spawn cap for surface and deep drifters. (more drifter related updates will come in v1.16)
  • Updated trader buying/selling lists (added rutile vessel, increased buying price of tools and lanterns, reduced buying price of some raw materials, other smaller tweaks)
  • All wearable Bags are now placeable (thanks, Cral)
  • ...and many more!

Check the whole post by clicking here!

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