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About Me

Hey, I'm Siasur from Germany, I'm 23 years old, and I am a professional software developer since 4 years. Three of these years are officially training time, but my training company let me work productively from the first day on (due to my previous knowledge).

I spent many years with Minecraft as a child/adolescent. For a long time I was looking for an alternative that was more performant, more versatile, and more "real". With VintageStory I am sure I have found this game. I found this game through Reddit and immediately fell in love with it.

When I first started playing this game (which I did together with my girlfriend) I realized that I could get involved in the community around this game in a good and helpful way. Which brings us to the next topic.

Why am I here

I would like to support Tyron in the development of Vintage Story with valuable suggestions and reliable bug reports (some of which he has already received). At the same time I want to support the community/players by polishing up the wiki a bit. I also want to make it as easy as possible for the German players (who are not so fluent in English) to get started with the game by translating the Wiki into German.

Where can you reach me

Discord. Just ping me.


As part of the wiki improvements I will also create new templates. Since I haven't really worked with these yet, I need an area to test them. This is right here: