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Game Client

Game is crashing

Did you recently update Vintage Story? Vintage Story releases new updates several times each year. Normally updates add new features and fix older bugs, but very occasionally something breaks in the process. You could try asking other players on Discord, or if all else fails, try re-installing a previous version of Vintage Story which was stable. If you are playing with mods and you update Vintage Story without also updating the mods, some of the mods may have issues: see the next question!

Do you have mods installed?
We encourage modding Vintage Story - see the amazing mods on the Mod DB. But using 3rd-party mods may possibly cause issues with the game, especially if the mod is not updated for the current Vintage Story game version you are playing. Generally if updating Vintage Story to a new version like 1.15, you should also update all of your mods at the same time (though, some mods are fine with game updates). Checking that mods aren't the source of the problem is a good place to start. See if an update for the mod is available, generally you should use the latest version. Check the Mod DB comments and forum page for the mod, or talk to other players using the mod. If disabling mods, you should keep the Vintage Story "vanilla" mods enabled, that's Creative, Essentials and Survival!

Tip: If there's a crash report and in the report the top line of the code ends with _patch0 or similar (look for the word patch!) then it's probably a mod issue.

Are you on the latest Graphics drivers?
Updating graphics drivers may help if there are visual issues or graphics (OpenGL) related crashes. Vintage Story uses many OpenGL features. Vintage Story also makes heavy use of shaders.

Do you have enough hard disk space?
The game will crash if you run out of disk space during a save, and likely also corrupt your savegame. A Vintage Story savegame varies in size depending on how much of the map you have explored, it could be a few GB in size.
If you update game versions, and the 'remapping' dialog pops up asking if you want to make a backup (backup enabled by default), make sure you have plenty of disk space free for the backup, the backup process will need a lot of space on the hard drive where your Temp files folder is located.

NullReferenceException in Entity*.FromBytes()
Load your savegame in repair mode, fly to the crashing spot, leave the world and run the game normally again.

Out of Memory exception
The game really needs at least 4GB of free RAM to run properly. If you have limited RAM on your computer (e.g. 4GB or 8GB), try closing down your browser and other applications while playing the game. You can also reduce your graphics settings to the minimum: at low graphics settings, the game uses less memory.

Tip: Some extreme gameplay actions and settings (e.g. fast travel across the map, with 1024 view distance and other settings maximised) could make the game run out of memory even on a powerful PC with plenty of RAM. If this is you, try setting up your game as a dedicated local server on your own PC, and connect to it ( as if connected to a multiplayer game: this helps with extreme RAM issues because the server and the game client then each have their own memory space.

Screen Freezes

If you sometimes experience screen freezes after playing for a few seconds or a few minutes (can be an issue with some Intel Iris or Intel HD integrated graphics, common on modern laptops) try switching off some of the visual effects like God Rays, SSAO, Bloom and Foam & Shiny Effect in the game's graphics settings - or generally just try easier graphics settings like "Low". The graphics settings are accessible through Settings in the main menu, before you start playing a game. There appears to be no specific cause for these screen freezes, just that the laptop's GPU is overwhelmed. The game is intended to run well and be fully playable on standard laptops, as long as the graphics settings are suitable. There is no shame in using "Low" or "Medium" graphics settings on a laptop, the game still looks great with these settings.

If your screen freezes but the mouse still works, you may still be able to exit the game by hitting the Esc key, then moving your mouse pointer to the center of the screen where the 'Save and Exit Game' button would normally be seen - try clicking around that area and listening for a button-click sound. You may then also need to exit the main menu by looking for the Quit button on the left side of the menu screen in the same way.

Game Runs Slow

  • The game might be using the wrong videocard. Make sure your monitor is plugged into the dedicated graphics card on the back of your PC.
  • Modern laptops generally run everything faster if they are plugged in; if unplugged, they slow everything down to conserve the battery.
  • On a laptop with both Integrated and High-performance GPU (e.g. Intel and Nvidia) make sure it is using the High-performance GPU. There may be Nvidia Control Panel settings for this. See also NVIDIA Optimus Profile.
  • On a Windows 10 laptop, make sure the Windows battery / power mode setting is set to 'Best performance'. Click the battery icon to see this. Especially do not use the 'best battery life' setting, this overrides most other settings on your computer and causes Vintage Story to run very slowly.
  • Lower the quality settings in the Graphics options.
  • Ensure your system meets the minimum requirements
  • Windows Update or Windows Defender might be active in the background doing updates or scans
  • Antivirus/anti-malware/firewall programs may be affecting performance
  • Close other programs to free up resources
  • Please ensure the system is sufficiently cooled as some systems slow down if they get too hot. (Make sure air vents are not covered and cooling elements and fans are free from dust for example; if you have a laptop, raise it off the desk slightly so it has better airflow underneath it.)
  • Please ensure a sufficiently rated power supply is used. Gaming on battery power is not recommended on laptops as they might choose to run slower in a lower power mode. If you need to play on battery mode, you can extend the playable battery life by reducing the Max FPS to 30 fps and using VSync mode 'On + Sleep' in Vintage Story's graphics settings.
  • Mods can use additional resources: fancy shader mods really need a decent gaming rig.
  • Check that the system is not overheating or thermal throttling - see Framerate_and_Performance.
  • Please do not run the game from an external drive or network share.
  • Running on a virtual machine (VM) may also cause performance issues.
  • If you're playing multiplayer, it's best to be in the same geographic region as the server you are playing on. If the server is half-way around the world from you then yes, there are going to be lag issues (that's physics for you, not much we can do about it)

Multiplayer lag / Host not responding messages

  • Vintage Story currently can have latency issues if players connect from a different continent to where the server is hosted
  • If you are the server owner:
    • The Server might be struggling. Be sure to meet the server's minimum requirements. Many concurrent players requires extra hardware. You can also try adjusting the Magic Numbers on the server.
    • Also check out the Debugging page.

Multiplayer connection issues

  • Make sure your Firewall does not block internet access
  • If you are hosting locally, you either need to set up port forwarding or use a VPN, like hamachi

AccessViolation (0xC0000005)

Access Violation error could be triggered for a variety of reasons. A few possible causes:

  • Corrupt files
  • Out-of-date drivers
  • Conflict with anti-virus
  • Overclocking processors

Game Server

Error: Garbage collector could not allocate 16384u bytes of memory for major heap section.

If your server is on a Linux system, run sudo sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144

--- Original version of this page inspired by Staxels Troubleshooting guide.