Troubleshooting Guide

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Having trouble getting the game to run correctly? Here's a list of common problems and fixes.

Game Client

AccessViolation (0xC0000005)

Access Violation error could be triggered for a variety of reasons. A few possible causes:

  • Corrupt files
  • Out-of-date drivers
  • Conflict with anti-virus
  • Overclocking processors

Game is crashing

Do you have mods installed? Using 3rd-party mods may possibly cause issues with the game. Checking that mods aren't the source of the problem is a good place to start.

Are you on the latest Graphics drivers? More often than not, outdated graphics drives can be quite unstable.

Do you have enough hard disk space? The game will crash if you run out of it, and likely also corrupt your savegame.

NullReferenceException in Entity*.FromBytes()

Load your savegame in repair mode, fly to the crashing spot, leave the world and run the game normally again.

Game Runs Slow

  • The game might be using the wrong videocard. Make sure your monitor is plugged into the dedicated graphics card on the back of your PC.
  • If you're playing on a laptop which has both integrated and dedicated video cards, be sure that Vintage Story is set to use the dedicated card in your gpu's driver utility program. See also NVIDIA Optimus Profile.
  • Lower the quality settings in the Graphics options.
  • Ensure your system meets the minimum requirements
  • Windows Update or Windows Defender might be active in the background doing updates or scans
  • Antivirus/anti-malware/firewall programs may be affecting performance
  • Close other programs to free up resources
  • Please ensure the system is sufficiently cooled as some systems slow down if they get too hot. (Make sure air vents are not covered and cooling elements and fans are free from dust for example)
  • Please ensure a sufficiently rated power supply is used, gaming on battery power is not recommended on laptops as they might choose to run slower in a lower power mode.
  • Mods can use significant resources.
  • Check that the system is not overheating or thermal throttling.
  • Please do not run the game from an external drive or network share.

Multiplayer lag

  • Vintage Story currently can have latency issue if players connect from a different continent to where the server is hosted
  • If you are the server owner:
    • The Server might be struggling. Be sure to meet the servers minimum requirements. Many concurrent players requires extra hardware.
    • Also check out the Debugging page.

Multiplayer connection issues

  • Make sure your Firewall does not block internet access
  • If you are hosting locally, you either need to set up port forwarding or use a VPN, like hamachi

Game Server

Error: Garbage collector could not allocate 16384u bytes of memory for major heap section.

Run sudo sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144

Inspired by Staxels Troubleshooting guide.