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Tool Selection

The primary use of each tool is provided in the list below:

  • Axe: (Harvesting) Damages Wood, Leaf and plant blocks including trees, logs, planks, fences, gates and wooden building components. Used to create firewood in the crafting grid
  • Bow/Arrow: (Weapon) Damages Mobs; used as a ranged weapon
  • Chisel: (Crafting) Used with the hammer to polish rock, create stone bricks or carving wooden gears and axles in the crafting grid
  • Cleaver: (Weapon) Damages Third Generation Mobs; used to kill pigs, sheep and chickens bred using animal husbandry.
  • Club: (Weapon) Damages Mobs; used as a melee combat weapon
  • Hammer: (Crafting) Used in smithing, and to crush stones/ores in the crafting grid.
  • Helve hammer: (Crafting) Used in smithing, via mechanization using a windmill.
  • Hoe: (Crafting) Used in farming to convert soil into farmland.
  • Knife: (Harvesting) Damages Plant blocks; used to harvest meat from animals, grass, wild plants including Cooper's Reed and crops for farming. Used in leather working, crafting wood items.
  • Pickaxe: (Harvesting) Damages Rock, Stone and Ceramic blocks; used to harvest Rock and ores.
  • Prospecting pick: (Special) Damages Rock blocks, but does not drop items from mined blocks; used to detect the presence of ores when mining
  • Saw: (Crafting) Used in grid crafting to create boards (the primary component required to create wooden items and blocks), cutting glass into slabs, and carving wooden gears.
  • Scythe: (Harvesting) Damages Plant blocks; used in farming to harvest crops or collect grass
  • Shears: (Harvesting) Damages Leaf blocks including Branchy Leaf Blocks. Used to harvest saplings and sticks from trees.
  • Shovel: (Harvesting) Damages Terrain blocks including Soil, Clay, Peat, Sand, and Gravel. Used to harvest terrain blocks or terraform the landscape.
  • Spear: (Weapon) Damages Mobs; used as a melee combat or ranged weapon
  • Sword: (Weapon) Damages Mobs; used as a melee combat weapon