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Image Tool Function Description
Grid Copper Axe.png Axe Harvesting, Crafting Used for cutting down trees and breaking leaf blocks, as well as wood derived blocks like logs, planks, fences, gates and other wooden building components. Used to create firewood in the crafting grid and for other crafting recipes.
Knife-copper.png Knife Harvesting, Crafting Used for harvesting plant blocks, including grass, mushrooms, and Cooper's Reed. Used for harvesting meat from animals, for leather working, and for crafting recipes.
Shovel-copper.png Shovel Harvesting Used for harvesting terrain blocks including soil, clay, peat, sand, and gravel.
Hoe-copper.png Hoe Special, Harvesting Used in farming to convert soil into farmland. Used for harvesting terrain blocks including soil.
Pickaxe-copper.png Pickaxe Harvesting Used for breaking ceramic, stone, and stone derived blocks. Used to harvest rock and ores.
Grid Copper prospecting pick.png Prospecting Pick Special Breaks rock, but does not drop items from mined blocks; used to detect the presence of nearby ores when mining.
Grid Copper hammer.png Hammer Special, Crafting Used in smithing, and to crush stones/ores in the crafting grid.
Grid Copper Chisel.png Chisel Special, Crafting Used to stylize blocks. Paired with the hammer, it can be used to polish rock, create stone bricks, or carving wooden gears and axles in the crafting grid.
Saw-copper.png Saw Harvesting, Crafting Used in grid crafting to create boards (the primary component required to create wooden items and blocks), cutting glass into slabs, and carving wooden gears. Used to harvest wood derived blocks
Grid Copper shears.png Shears Harvesting Used to break leaf blocks and branchy leaf blocks, as well as harvesting saplings and sticks from trees.
Grid copper cleaver.png Cleaver Special Used to easily kill third generation domesticated animals bred using animal husbandry.
Scythe-copper.png Scythe Harvesting Used in farming to harvest crops or collect grass in a big radius.
Grid Tin bronze helve hammer.png Helve Hammer Crafting Used in smithing, along with a helve hammer base and a toggle, via mechanization using a windmill.
Grid Firestarter.png Firestarter Special Used for starting firepits, pit kilns, and other structures on fire. Sneak and hold the right click to start heating it up.
Pan-wooden.png Panning Special Used to acquire minerals from sand and gravel terrain blocks. Right click a sand block while holding the wooden pan and hold right click to start panning for minerals. Don’t forget to stand on water!
Plumb and Square.png Plumb and Square Special Used to reinforce blocks, having to be broken multiple times to disappear.
Grid Padlock.png Padlock Special Used to protect container blocks, preventing other players from accessing them. Right click a container block with the padlock in your active hand to lock it.