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Table of Available Crops

Crop Growth Stages Total Growth Required Nutrient Nutrient Consumption Cold Resistant Until Heat Resistant Until
Grid Carrot.png Carrot 7 4 days K (Potassium) 40 -10°C 32°C
Grid flax.png Flax 9 4.2 days K (Potassium) 50 -5°C 40°C
Grid onion.png Onion 7 3.6 days P (Phosphorus) 35 -1°C 40°C
Grid spelt.png Spelt 9 4.4 days N (Nitrogen) 40 -5°C 40°C
Grid turnip.png Turnip 5 3 days N (Nitrogen) 30 -5°C 27°C
Vegetable-parsnip.png Parsnip 8 6 days P (Phosphorus) 20 -10°C 32°C
Grid rice.png Rice 10 4.2 days K (Potassium) 50 8°C 40°C
Grid rye.png Rye 9 5 days N (Nitrogen) 40 -5°C 40°C
Legume-soybean.png Soybean 11 5.4 days K (Potassium) 35 -5°C 40°C
Pumpkin-fruit-4.png Pumpkin 8 3.5 days P (Phosphorus) 30 -5°C 40°C
Grid cabbage.png Cabbage 12 6.5 days N (Nitrogen) 40 -5°C 35°C

Pumpkins are cultivated differently than all other crops. Please see the pumpkin page for detailed instructions about establishing a pumpkin patch.