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Bloomery with items.png
Bloomery ignited.png

Smelting items in a bloomery requires high temperature fuel and the desired item to process. A bloomery holds enough ore nuggets to make a maximum of 6 iron blooms, from 120 nuggets, or 12 glass blocks, from 24 quartz, and 20 fuel items. The bloomery does not have to be completely filled to fire it, but both the ores to be smelted and the fuel to complete the smelting process must be added to start the process. The bloomery does not have a GUI. A player may read the description of the items currently in the bloomery by aiming the white crosshairs at the base block. The interface window should display any currently loaded contents when the block info GUI is enabled (press 'B', by default).

  1. Loading the bloomery: Aim at the bloomery base and place the item, e.g. quartz, into the base (RMB). Be sure to add fuel as well, but only after the ores or quartz. 'Sneaking' while loading items allows players to place multiple items (5) into the bloomery base.
  2. Firing the bloomery: To ignite the bloomery and begin smelting, sneak and use a torch (hold RMB) on the base. After a few seconds smoke particles should begin to rise from the chimney, and the hole in the base block will glow and spark.
  3. Harvesting the bloomery: After 10 hours the smelting process is completed, break the bloomery blocks to gather the product. Breaking the bloomery does not require a tool and will drop some fire bricks used in crafting another bloomery.