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Theme Packs are mods that do not change the game mechanics, only visuals, sounds, etc. They are packed like any other mod, using the type "theme".

Due to the way they work, theme packs never add new content, only replace existing content.

Overriding Files

Replacing game files is fairly easy, just create a directory names "assets" with a directory named "game" inside it, then copy replacements for any asset in the game's "assets" directory here. For example, to overwrite the texture for low fertility soil blocks (assets/textures/block/soil/fertlow.png) you would place your replacement at assets/game/textures/block/soil/fertlow.png inside your zip file.

Overriding assets from other mods is also possible, see the asset system page for more details. Check out the example theme pack for a simple demo of overriding game assets.

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