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|Name=Temporal Gear
|Name=Temporal Gear
|Image=[[File:Grid temporal gear.png]]
|Image=[[File:Grid temporal gear.png|100px]]

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Temporal Gear
[[Grid temporal gear.png|100px]]
Stackable 1

Temporal Gear

This item can only be acquired as a loot drop after successfully eliminating the hostile mob, Drifters. These items alone have the power to alter time and space for a single individual and are single use items, as releasing the power stored in the item consumes the gear.

Spawn Points

When you start a game, you appear at the "spawn" point in the world. If you should run afoul of the more unfriendly creatures during your wanderings, find yourself bereft of sustenance, or succumb to the heights of the panoramic vistas and fall from a cliff.... Any form of player death will send you back to "respawn" at your original location until you acquire a means of resetting your spawn point. Using the temporal gear allows a player to choose ANY location as a spawn point. Each player in a game must acquire his or her own temporal gear, and resetting the spawn location for one player does not affect the spawn location for any other player. Even after you reset your spawn point to a new location, you may update this location at any time by using an additional temporal gear. Each successive use of a temporal gear overrides any previously selected spawn points. Temporal gears can be stored in any portable or stationary storage container such as baskets or chests but they do not stack.

Using the Temporal Gear

  1. Place the temporal gear in an empty slot in your hotbar.
  2. With the temporal gear in your active hand, "aim" at a block on the ground. (The block highlighted by the crosshairs in your HUD will become your new spawn point)
  3. Hold RMB (Right Mouse) to release the power contained within the gear and commence individual alteration of the space-time continuum.
  4. As the process occurs, you will experience a slight vibrational distortion.
  5. When the gear is consumed, the distortion will end, and your individual spawn point is reset.

Temporal Gear Tutorial Video

Thanks to Ashantin for creating this video and sharing with the VS Community (Geronimo!)