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Stackable {{{Stackable}}}
Temperature {{{Temp}}}°C
Duration {{{Duration}}} s
Smelt Point {{{SmeltTemp}}}°C
Smelt Duration {{{SmeltDuration}}} s
Smelt Ratio {{{SmeltRatio}}}
Requires Container Yes
Output [[{{{Output}}}]]
Output Amount 1
Satiety {{{Satiety}}}
Category {{{Category}}}
Fresh Time {{{FreshTime}}} hrs
Transition Time {{{TransitionTime}}} hrs
Transition Ratio {{{TransitionRatio}}}
Parameter Required or Optional, default if applicable Example
Name Required Dirt
Image Required File:Grid Dirt.png
Stackable Optional, 64 32
Temp Optional 1000
Duration Required with Temp 30
SmeltTemp Optional 1000
SmeltDuration Required with SmeltTemp 30
SmeltRatio Optional, 1 0.5
RequiresContainer Optional, Yes Yes
Output Optional Torch
OutputAmount Optional, 1 2
FreshTime Optional 480
TransitionTime Required with FreshTime 48
TransitionRatio Optional, 1 0.75
Satiety Optional 200
Category Required with Satiety Protein

Utilizes: Template:Item/Food, Template:Item/Fuel, Template:Item/Smeltable, Template:Item/Transitionable