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[[Grid Dirt Block.png|100px]]
Stackable 64
Material Soil
Drops Dirt
Fertility 65%
Light Level 5
Temperature 100°C
Duration 20 s
Smelt Point {{{SmeltTemp}}}°C
Smelt Duration {{{SmeltDuration}}} s
Smelt Ratio {{{SmeltRatio}}}
Requires Container Yes
Output [[{{{Output}}}]]
Output Amount {{{OutputAmount}}}
Parameter Required or Optional, default if applicable Example
Name Required Dirt
Image Required File:Grid Dirt Block.png
Stackable Optional, 64 64
Material Optional Soil
Drops Optional, None Dirt
Fertility Optional 65%
LightLevel Optional 5
Temp Optional 100
Duration Optional 20
SmeltTemp Optional 1000
SmeltDuration Required with SmeltTemp 30
SmeltRatio Optional, 1 0.5
RequiresContainer Optional, No Yes
Output Optional Torch
OutputAmount Optional, 1 2

Utilizes: Template:Item/Fuel, Template:Item/Smeltable