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Notice: This is a work in progress rewrite of the survival starter guide. It aims to be as short and as concise as possible.



W A S D To move around
Space Jump
E Backpack Inventory (Access Crafting Grid)
C Character Inventory (Clothes and other Gear)
Shift Sneak (used to place active items on blocks)
Ctrl + W Run
G Sit down
Q Drop currently held item
F5 Cycle through camera modes (first person, third person, overhead)

User Interface

tab Show/Hide chat overlay
T Begin typing in the chat overlay
F4 Show/Hide user interfaces
F6 Show/Hide user minimap
B Show/Hide block info
H Survival Handbook (All items in the game)
M Show/Hide Worldmap
N Show/Hide block interaction help
V Show/Hide coordinates
F12 Take a screenshot
esc Exit/close any interface (Quit the game)

Your first day

Player Spawn

Where you appear in the world is your "spawn location". If you die in the game, you will reappear at your initial spawn location until you find a way to reset your spawn point later in the game. It may be a good idea to set a marker for your spawn point when you first appear in the world. The command to set a waypoint is /waypoint add [waypointcolor] [title]. This command adds a waypoint with given color (any .NET Color or a Hex Code) and text.

Stone tools

Scavenging time!
A knapping surface

Find flint or loose stones (basalt, granite, andesite, obsidian or peridotite). Sneak + Right click on solid ground to create a knapping surface. Select what tool you want to make from the menu. We recommend an Axe and a Knife. Using a stone in your active hand, left click on the orange boxes to remove them from the stone tool you are making, which will create a finished blade or tool head. When you remove the last orange box, the completed tool head will transfer to your hotbar. Press E to open your inventory and access your crafting grid. In the grid, combine the stone tool blade with a stick to create the actual tool. Sticks can be collected from the ground or by breaking leafy branches.

Player Inventory

The GUI at the bottom of your screen shows a single left hand slot, 10 right hand slots (hotbar, accessed using 1-0 keys or scrolling the mouse wheel) and 4 empty inventory slots. When you start the game, you only have 11 inventory slots (your hotbar and your left hand). You can hold items in your left hand. Your inventory can only contain 11 kinds of items until you add containers to your 4 inventory slots. For starters, expand your inventory with mobile baskets. You need to harvest reeds which like to grow near lakes.

Protip It's a good idea to move your torch from your hotbar to your left hand so that you have an active light source. This also opens an available slot in your hotbar.


Food scavenging time!

Berries and Meat are your best bet on your first day. Mouse click on bushes to harvest ripe berries. Meat can be harvested from dead animals with a knife, then cooked on a fire pit

Light / Cooking

Once the sun sets, you might want to create a fire pit as a source of light and for cooking. Get the following resources:

  • Collect dry grass: Break tall grass with a knife in hands
  • Collect fire wood: Break trees with an axe and put the axe and log in your crafting grid to create firewood from logs

Now Sneak + Right click on solid ground with the dry grass in hands to place a fire pit. Then Sneak + Right click with (4) firewood in hands to complete the fire pit. How to craft a firepit

Congratulations, you can now cook meat and create new torches by heating sticks.

Self defense

Be aware that in Vintage Story, hostile mobs exist. To protect yourself, craft stone weapons using the knapping system. Combine the stone spearhead you made by knapping with sticks in your crafting grid to craft the spear. Different weapons have different ranges. Spears are the strongest long range weapon in the stone age, but break quickly. Knives, axes, or just plain sticks can all be used as weapons, but these have shorter ranges than the spear. In an emergency, you can also throw stones at mobs.

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