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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

The purpose of this page

This is a compilation of all suggestions made on the Discord and Forum, gathered to the best of Hope's ability, and using Balduranne's Original Thread as a template and starting point. Many of these ideas were compiled by Berry Picker Here and Casual Here.

Last edited by Hope on 3/28/21

Note that the list does not include things that are already planned in the Roadmap.

Unless otherwise noted, this is not a list of things that will be added. Just things that are suggested.

This list is compiled for the benefit of the dev team, and is not required to include all details of your suggestion, and does not attempt to be complete, just to contain most of the suggestions made. At any time the dev team may remove items or discard this list entirely.

Also, in line with This suggestion, I (Hope) may look into moving this into a more interactive format in time.

Image Name Meaning
  Simple suggestion This suggestion is a recipe change or enabling/disabling something.
  Coding This suggestion would take some significant amount of coding rework.
  Art & Models This suggestion would require artwork, models, or both.
  AI & Animals This suggestion would require models, artwork, and AI.
  Foundational change This change would require major redesign, art, models, etc.

Things in place:

  • Steel - In place
  • Cheese - In place
  • Pies - In place

Things on Roadmap:

  • Fish/Fishing - On the roadmap.
  • Taming animals and mounts - On the roadmap, partly in place.
  • Removing the crafting grid completely - On the roadmap
  • More animals, flying animals, etc - On the roadmap
  • More plants, plant breeding. - Some portions of this are On the roadmap
  • Character difficulty, Breath, Stamina, etc - Part of the roadmap as "different play-styles"
  • Villages and Commoners - Some version of villages is on the roadmap.
  • Having Horses / Falcons / Pet dogs - On the roadmap.
    • Sub suggestion - Allow horses or other pack animals to pull carts or plows.
  • Magic or Potions - Some aspects of this, such as herbalism, are On the roadmap.
  • Hunting/combat revamp - On the roadmap.
  • Gear Repair: Comes up very, very often. Whetstones and sharpening for tools, repair for armor. - Repair is on the roadmap.

Things suggested often:

  • The game being available on Steam - Suggested often
  •   Making sticks out of planks - Suggested extraordinarily often
    • Possibly make firewood not the first result of log & axe, but rather a log and axe produce Chunks of wood first, then you can either put those chunks in a pile/into a fire and they become firewood, (aged firewood mechanic?) or axe them again to make sticks.
  •   Having the in-game handbook favor your era's items or only allow you to see items in your current era or before, so that stone age players aren't browsing through iron tools to find a reed basket in the listing. - Suggested often
  •   Various reworks of nutrition - Suggested often
  •   Various tree taps / Saps / Syrups / ways to obtain resin - Suggested often.
  •   General aesthetic/aging suggestions for blocks and wood, lots of ideas for Quartz in this post. - A lot of these ideas individually show up multiple times, this post just has them all in it.
  •   Boats, Ships, multiblock ships. - Suggested often
  •   Improved, Older,More, better, or more realistic trees. - Suggested often
  •   Multiple types of water, saltwater, etc and getting salt from water. - Suggested often.
  •   Dyes/Freeform painting

Worldgen & Mechanics:

  •   Make Farmland drop Soil
  •   Make hammers reset their mode when put away, to the default mode.
  •   Make animals able to be picked up, non-tamed ones do a little damage over time while being held?
  •   Create chisel template/automated chiseling with mechanical power
  •   Make a chair that when you sit, auto-opens all interfaces directly adjacent to the chair/work-station as if you had opened them each individually in mouse-immersive mode.
  •   Changes to storage or removing chests
  •   Rainbows
  •   Redesign of block interaction system, for acquiring/skinning/gathering to share mechanics.
  •   Auditory Cues for smelting, storm warning, and time passing.
  •   Fireplace models shift based on fuel
  •   More realistic but difficult mining functionality
  •   Some way to rotate or move blocks once placed. (Wrench functionality)
  •   Stack-able/place-able everything
  •   "Dirtiness" which accumulates, paths in grass from walking over it over time, and the ability to clean yourself/your surroundings to give a bonus to temporal stability.

Character or GUI:

  •   Enable admins using the "Clearinventory" command to clear other player's inventories, whether online or offline.
  •   Make tooltip for information display the same information in the same order.
  •   The ability to "auto-run" while stopping if you approach a hole or cliff, in part for people with arthritis or otherwise unable to hold down keys for long periods of time.
  •   Character creation protection
  •   Left handed characters
  •   Redo offhand function
  •   Debuffs such as illness, poison
  •   Thirst
  •   Custom character skins
  •   More movement options.


  •   Get hay/grass from growing grains as a side product (the stalks of the plant)
  •   Make Resin obtainable from Pines grown by hand or other ways to obtain.
  •   Make grains and some other plants use the grain as the seed instead of producing separate seeds.
  •   Plant-able ferns and bamboo (flowerpots).
  •   Trellis for berries, grapes, pees, pepper, etc
  •   Plant-able/Harvest-able Saguaro cacti
  •   Climbable vines
  •   Water lilies bloom and produce flowers
  •   Plant-able green bamboo
  •   Harvest-able/plant-able Papyrus
  •   Make mushrooms plant-able somehow. (Grind up and mix with a substrate before spreading on a specially prepared planter?)
  •   Stripping bark from trees for aesthetics and using the bark for various purposes (one-step strong tannin, or using birch bark for containers)
  •   More uses for Berries.
  •   Bush saplings/ Hedgerows
  •   Tree stumps/roots remaining after the tree is cut down.


New Items:

  •   "Dried Firewood" which burns much much longer, but takes over a year to dry properly.
  •   Sealed/solid doors or trap doors
  •   Chests and doors with different color variations.
  •   Lead Glass (Crystal)
  •   Mats and rugs
  •   Craft-able Candelabras and candlesticks (Currently can only be found)
  •   Actual shutters for windows
  •   Curtains
  •   Wall cases for Jewelry
  •   Japanese Stone Lanterns &/or Chinese paper lanterns
  •   Primitive stick walls (basic fence, but denser) and Wattle & Daub that you can slap onto it to form a better wall (but still as thin as a fence)
  •   Paper, books, and other special writing surfaces
  •   Add simple concrete using slaked lime and gravel
  •   Pretty wind chimes
  •   New roofing materials
  •   Braziers
  •   A travel tent that provides minimal shelter from wild animals (keeps them from alerting to your presence but doesn't ward them off if they know you're there, keeps Drifters away) and protects from rain/snow. Potential recipe could be ten leather and a hay bed, maybe with some twine and sticks to hold it up.
  •   Instruments possibly connected to warding off some enemies or changing background music.

Objects, multiblocks & Vehicles:

  •   Watermills
  •   Multi-block storage and fluid storage.
  •   Similar to that, water manipulation with Clay.
  •   Underfloor heating for use in greenhouse and home.
  •   From the same post, large wooden doors and metal portcullis.
  •   Functional chimney blocks so we can have fireplaces that produce smoke outside the house
  •   Slabs stacking on top of eachother, or unique texture when doing so?
  •   Automated panning/chute or panning table
  •   Vertical large gears
  •   Hinges and Chains.

Combat & Armor:

  •   Drifters being able to break weaker blocks, or place blocks.
  •   Ability to apply healing items to others
  •   Ways to repel hostiles or animals (Candles, incense, special Runes)
  •   Display stands for armor and clothing, preferably actual model stands, possibly hangers for dense clothes storage.
  •   Traps, wooden or bamboo spikes, snares, etc.
  •   Improved or different kinds of bows.
  •   Unique named creatures
  •   Shields / Combat Revamp

Smelting & Tools:

  •   Make forged items more durable than cast items.
  •   Blacksmithing leftovers and broken tool scraps.
  •   Use cooking pots as small buckets (each cooking pot could take, one at a time, up to 4 liters of liquid)
  •   Making small metal items, such as watches (we have a clockmaker class) and keys for locks, etc)
  •   Dramatically reduce the amount of metal used for lamp liners
  •   Climbing Rope
  •   Option to make oil and quench forged metals in oil to make them more durable.
  •   Cave flare as cave exploration tool

Crafting & Cooking:

  •   Bush meat as a non primary recipe additive
  •   Make Mortar and Plaster craft-able with bonemeal
  •   The ability to use Pelts as Hide, and scrape them/turn them into leather.
  •   Tofu and more ways to use soy beans
  •   Freeform cooking - mixing meat with rice and such. Included in this post are seasonings and unique cooking tools.
  •   Kilns and proper ovens.
  •   Pottery wheel and Molds
  •   Cold food storage
  •   Edible cactus flesh
  •   Make eggs an addition to some things to dramatically increase their value, such as bread with egg in it being much richer.
  •   Smoking of foods in a smoking house/smoker, or drying on a drying rack.
  •   Unique recipes from merchants/ruins that give more bonuses, or access to a special "cooking pot"-like item, that makes other recipes possible.
  •   Filled crocks having different labels for the type of food inside
  •   Crafting handles/components of tools with higher quality versions for use/durability buff.
  •   Cranberry Cheese, Hotdrinks
  •   Tea, cups, mugs.

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