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* [[Smithing]] (1 ingot): Iron, Bronze alloy, Copper, (Gold and Silver)
===Table: Tool TiersStats === <!--T:4-->
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! Material!! Durability! Material ! Tool Tier!! Speed (Wood)!! Speed (Plant)!! Speed (Leaves)!! Attack Power (HP)!! Attack Tier
| Other Stone|| 50|| 1|| 2.6x|| 2.2x|| 1.7x|| 0.8|| 1
| Flint|| 60|| 1|| 2.8x|| 2.2x|| 1.6x|| 1.3|| 1
| Obsidian|| 90|| 1|| 3.5x|| 2.7x|| 2.4x|| 1.5|| 1
| Copper|| 250|| 2|| 5.0x|| 2.8x|| 2.4x|| 2.0|| 2
| Tin Bronze|| 400|| 3|| 5.8x|| 3.8x|| 3.0x|| 2.8|| 3
| Bismuth Bronze|| 500|| 3|| 5.4x|| 3.5x|| 2.6x|| 2.5|| 3
| Black Bronze|| 600|| 3|| 6.3x|| 4.0x|| 3.1x|| 3.0|| 3
| Iron|| 900|| 4|| 8.0x|| 5.0x|| 3.2x|| 3.0|| 4
| Gold|| 125|| 2|| 4.0x|| 3.3x|| 3.0x|| 2.5|| 2
| Silver|| 125|| 2|| 4.0x|| 3.3x|| 3.0x|| 2.5|| 2
== Usage == <!--T:6-->
The axe is most efficient when used to harvest or process {{Breaking|break}} wood blocks such as [[trees]], logs, [[planks]], fences, gates and items including wooden building components.
=== Harvesting === <!--T:7-->
To harvest {{Breaking}} a material: place the tool in tree with an active hotbar slot axe will break many blocks at once. The targeted block will take a long time to break and press or hold left mouse button until when it does break, the block tree will break with it. The max number of blocks it breaks and is limited to the remaining durability of the block or resource dropsaxe.* When chopping a [[trees|Cutting the whole tree]]: aim the crosshairs at once still applies the lowest block same amount of damage to harvest the entire treeaxe as if each block was broken individually.
{{Protip|Icon=== Combat === <!--T:8-->Grid Oak sapling.png* Attacking a mob (melee combat): place |Cutting the tool in an active hotbar slot whole tree is much faster if you break all the leaves first! This also drops many more saplings and press or hold left mouse button to strike the target. Currently, all axes have a range of 2 meterssticks.}}
=== Crafting === <!--T:9-->
Place [[Firewood]] is crafted using the axe in the grid crafting slot above the material to be cut. Removing the (product) from the output slot of the grid uses the tool. When complete, remove the axe is being used as a crafting tool from the grid, or close each time the interface by pressing 'E' to replace recipe is crafted the tool into an available space in the inventory or hotbarwill lose durability. (If a slot is not available, pressing 'E' will discard the item(s) on the ground) <!--T:10-->* The axe is used to craft: **[[firewood]]
==Storage== <!--T:11-->

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