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We encourage modding Vintage Story - see the amazing mods on the [ Mod DB]. But using 3rd-party mods may possibly cause issues with the game, especially if the mod is not updated for the current Vintage Story game version you are playing. Generally if updating Vintage Story to a new version like 1.15, you should also update all of your mods at the same time (though, some mods are fine with game updates). Checking that mods aren't the source of the problem is a good place to start. See if an update for the mod is available, generally you should use the latest version. Check the Mod DB comments and forum page for the mod, or talk to other players using the mod. If disabling mods, you should keep the Vintage Story "vanilla" mods enabled, that's Creative, Essentials and Survival!
Tip: ''If there's a crash report and in the report the top line of the code ends with _patch0 or similar (look for the word patch!) then it's probably a mod issue.''
'''Are you on the latest Graphics drivers?'''<br>
'''Out of Memory exception'''<br>
The game really needs at least 4GB of '''free''' RAM to run properly. If you have limited RAM on your computer (e.g. 4GB or 8GB), try closing down your browser and other applications while playing the game. You can also reduce your graphics settings to the minimum: at low graphics settings, the game uses less memory.<br> Tip: ''Some extreme gameplay actions and settings (e.g. fast travel across the map, with 1024 view distance and other settings maximised) could make the game run out of memory even on a powerful PC with plenty of RAM - if . If this is you, try setting up your game as a dedicated local server on your own PC, and connect to it ( as if connected to a multiplayer game: this helps with extreme RAM issues because the server and the game client then each have their own memory space.''
===Screen Freezes===
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