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Raw Refractory bricks need to be baked at 850°C for 27 fuel ticks to turn into Fired Refractory Bricks. Those can then be used to craft their tier specific brick blocks and brick grating blocks. The different tiers of refractory bricks have different heat resistances. Tier 1 has a heat resistance of 90%, Tier 2 has 95%, and Tier 3 reaches 100%. All refractory brick blocks have a chance to receive damage in each smelting process. Each tier 1 brick block has a 1 in 10 chance to break, while it is 1 in 20 for tier 2. Tier 3 refractory bricks have a low 1 in 1000 chance to break. Damaged refractory brick blocks can be broken to return some of their materials back, similar to a broken bloomery. Grate blocks do not get damaged at the moment, which means there is not no sense in making them out of higher tier bricks.
===Other Required Blocks=== <!--T:8-->
Additionally to the refractory blocks, there are some more specialist blocks necessary to build a functioning steel making furnace, namely an iron door and a stone coffin including a coffin lid.<br>
And iron door can either be found in ruins, or crafted out of 6 iron plates. Stone coffins can be made out of [[Granitegranite]] or [[Andesiteandesite]].
*8 whole granite or andesite blocks
*920 fireclay, which is about 15 stacks
*59 [[mortar]]
*460 of each powdered ingredient needed, depending on tier, which is about 8 stacks each
Blister steel in itself is not yet workable steel, instead it behaves similar to iron blooms, and further refining is necessary. To turn blister steel into steel, it needs to be processed on an iron [[anvil]] either by hand or with the help of a helve hammer. Note that the blister steel is less complicated to process by hand then iron blooms, and there is no possibility of pixel loss if processed by hand, making helve hammer processing almost overkill.
== Video Tutorials ==
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! Detailed guide on what to get for steelmaking to start
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