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====Anvil Base====
Start the crafting process by placing a heated iron ingot on the anvil - bronze or higher anvil tier is needed. Select the anvil base and start hammering. Note that for the base, a total of 5 ingots need to be added, and there is at maximum 14 pixels worth room for error. This process might be easier when starting with one iron plate as the base, and then adding 3 more ingots as described previously, one at a time.<br>
To lessen the chance of wasting pixels - and thus ingots - it is necessary to add one ingot, flatten it out and only then add the next - and so forth. The space on which the next anvil will be added is always the same, and the player can make sure that this space is flat and below the maximum height limit of the recipe, which is 6 pixels, or 3 ingots stacked. Keep in mind that a new ingot added will only fill in the empty pixels in that specific space, so it is recommended to keep the ingot place as flat as possible. The ingot will however rise with the rest, meaning it will be added ''on top'' of the current surface.<br><br>
An optimum way of smithing can be seen below, with the focus on keeping the "ingot landing space" as empty and flat as possible. However, keep in mind that this is the best way to save iron ingots, not the best way to save coal.
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