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added pixel counts
Anvils made out of iron or meteoric iron can not be cast like anvils out of other metals. The player first has to make the upper and lower part of the anvil separately, smithing them on a bronze anvil. Then, the two parts need to be welded together.
To make a complete iron anvil, a total of 10 iron ingots are needed, 5 each for the anvil base and anvil top, as well as one powdered borax. One ingot amounts to 42 pixels added, and the anvil base and top need 196 and 210 pixels respectively.
File:Anvil base 5.PNG|5 ingots
The anvil base needs a total of 196 pixels, divided into five layers:
*80 first layer
*38 each for second and third layer
*20 each for fourth and fifth layer
====Anvil Top====
File:Anvil top 5.PNG|5 ingots
The anvil top needs a total of 210 pixels, divided into five layers:
*78 first layer
*48 second layer
*40 third layer
*24 fourth layer
*20 fifth layer
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