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[[File:LootVessel.png|thumbnail|A loot vessel in a surface ruin.]]
'''Loot Vessels''' are found in most ruins. These containers provide resources when broken using an empty hand (or any tool). [[Classes|Malefactors]] have a 5% chance to drop the whole vessel instead. Some traders sell or buy whole loot vessels.
The currently defined loot vessel types contain items classified within their named group:
* "Seed": seeds for planting crops in [[farming]]
* "Farming": seeds for crops and [[farming]] tools
* "Food": consumable items (ex: , for example grains, vegetables, and bread) * "Forage" : [[Foraging|resource items ]] used in crafting (ex: , for example clay, reeds, and sticks) * "Ore": ores or fuel items.* "Tool": [[Tools and Weapons|tools]], weapons or components.
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