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The first step in this process is to create an [[Molds|anvil mold]] via the [[Clay Forming|clay forming]] mechanic. The anvil is then cast using the [[casting]] mechanic. An anvil requires 900 units (9 ingots) of copper or bronze alloy to fill the mold. Once an anvil is cast and removed from the mold, it may be placed it like any other block onto a solid surface. No tools are required to {{Breaking|break}} an anvil to pick it up and re-position it.
Note that ===Iron and Meteoric Iron Anvil===[[File:Anvil welding.PNG|thumb|200px|An iron anvil base with applied borax waiting for the top part.]]Anvils made out of iron and or meteoric iron can not be cast like anvils cannot out of other metals. The player first has to make the upper and lower part of the anvil separately, smithing them on a bronze anvil. Then, the two parts need to be castwelded together.<br>To make a complete iron anvil, a total of 10 iron ingots are needed, 5 each for the anvil base and anvil top, as well as one powdered borax. <br>Start the crafting process by placing a heated iron ingot on the anvil - bronze or higher anvil tier is needed. Select the anvil base and start hammering. Note that for the base, a total of 5 ingots need to be added, refer and there is only a 2 pixel margin for error in total. It is recommended to add one ingot, flatten it out and only then add the [[Steel Making]] page next - and so forth. This process might be easier when starting with one iron plate as the base, and then adding 3 more ingots as described previously. <br>For the anvil top, follow the same process. However, keep in mind that for the top part, even with careful smithing, not even one pixel will be wasted. This means there is no margin for further informationerror, and any wasted pixels will result in a sixth ingot added to finish the item. As the top part is rather slim, a plate is not helpful as the smithing base.<br><br>After both the base and top are finished, heat both of them up in a forge. Once heated, first place the base part down on the ground. Take one portion of powdered borax and apply with a {{SneakClick}} on the placed base, then add the top part. Hammer until both parts are welded together, this should take about 12 hits.
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