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|Name = Anvil
|Image = File:Grid Copper anvil.png
|Stackable = No64|Material = Copper, Tin Bronze, Bismuth BronzeMetal|Drops = NoneItself
Anvils are functional blocks used as the work surface when [[smithing]] metal items.
The first step in this process is to create an [[Molds|anvil mold]] via the [[Clay Forming|clay forming]] mechanic. The anvil is then cast using the [[casting]] mechanic. An anvil requires 900 units (9 ingots) of copper or bronze alloy to fill the mold. Once an anvil is cast and removed from the mold, it may be placed it like any other block onto a solid surface. No tools are required to {{Breaking|break}} an anvil to pick it up and re-position it.<br>Not Note that iron and meteoric iron anvils cannot be castedcast, refer to the [[Steel Making]] page for further information.

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