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Shovels are used to break soil, gravel, clay, and sand blocks quicker than by hand. They can be created before basic metals are collected using flint. They can also be cast into clay molds, or forged at an anvil. Clay is considered soil for the purpose of tool speed, as clay is embedded in the soil, and not a block in its own right. Since there currently are no dirt-type blocks that require stronger shovels, all shovels are tier 0 and work on any dirt-type block.


There are several variants that you can craft. Each variant has a different durability and attack power. A stone shovel head can be crafted via knapping and the metal variants have to be crafted using smithing.

Variant Durability Tier Speed (Soil + Sand) Speed (Gravel) Attack Damage (HP)
Flint 60 0 2.5x 2.1x 1
Copper 300 0 4x 2.6x 1.3
Tin Bronze 450 0 5.4x 3.6x 1.8
Bismuth Bronze 500 0 5x 3.2x 1.5
Black Bronze 550 0 5.5x 3.7x 2
Gold 175 0 5.4x 3.6x 1.5
Silver 175 0 5.4x 3.6x 1.5
Iron 900 0 6x 4x 2.3

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