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Game Update

Latest Update

8th release candidate (1.16.0-rc.8)

  • Attacking with long blades now behaves similar to spears (wind up time + animation + sound + effects)
  • New set of main menu backgrounds, some provided by the community (contact tyron if you prefer we don't use your screenshot)
  • Disabled bell pepper worldgen spawn
  • Snow covered grass can no longer ignite
  • ...and many more!

Highlights of Previous Updates

Homesteading Update part 2

  • Added fruit trees, whose fruits can be then used for cooking and juicing.
  • Added distillation and fruit pressing. Make fruit juice, cider, and brandy!
  • Added rifts, which drain your stability and serve as drifter spawners.

Homesteading Update part 1

  • Added pies! Make lovely pastry from any fruit, vegetable, or meat in a clay oven.
  • Added the pit kiln. New crafting mechanic which can be used to bulk fire clay products.
  • Improved chicken husbandry. Hens now lay eggs in henboxes.
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Welcome to the Vintage Story Wiki. This is a community-run wiki for Vintage Story

Vintage Story is an uncompromising wilderness survival sandbox game inspired by lovecraftian horror themes. Find yourself in a ruined world reclaimed by nature and permeated by unnerving temporal disturbances. Relive the advent of human civilization, or take your own path. It is currently under development and available for purchase as an early access title.

Any contribution is welcomed, as much is left to be added. If you do wish to contribute, please request wiki edit access on the forums, or the official Discord server.

We currently have 1,018 articles. If you're a modder looking for source code to examine feel free to head over to the Vintage Story GitHub.

Important Links

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